The Sound of CTY

The Canon

At every site, there are songs they have to play at the dances if they don't want the CTYers to rebel. (Of course, there is the infamous story about the time at Hamilton where at the end of the last dance after they had played American Pie and everyone was all crying, the RA's had the nerve to come over the announcements and say that we had 15 more minutes. They almost had a rebellion then, too. And then there was the time the CD skipped, and they had to play it all over again. As any CTYer will know, American Pie as the last song of the dance is a tradition that CANNOT be broken, extra 15 minutes or no, skipping CD or no.)

Click Here to find a list of the CTY Canon, as recorded on the Illegal as Sin CTY CD, as well as lyrics and band pages. This is not the definitive list of the Canon, as there is no definitive Canon list, just a Canon list.

Most other CTY pages have lists, sound files, or lyrics to the CTY canons, too. Here are links to some of the canon sites:

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The History of the Canon

If you are interested in some of the history of the Canon and how it is evolved over time, check out The History of the Canon

The CD/Tape

If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the CTY Canon, I might be able to hook you up. I will make Canon CDs or Tapes for a minimal cost (zero to 5 dollars, depending on how poor and busy I am when you ask). E-mail me at

The Originals

Many CTYers are also musicians, and sometimes, their songs come to the attention of the general CTY population, to be sung by CTYers there after. Some of the more successful songs:

Things That Aren't Sexy by Jeff Morrow; first preformed at CAR97-2 Talent Show
You've Got To Fight For Your Right To RA! by Matt Korahais; first preformed at CAR97-2 Talent Show
Pickled Onions by Wolfgang and SarahT; first preformed at CAR96-1 Talent Show
I'm Such A Dork by Eli Resnick; first preformed at LAN95-1 Talent Show
The Matt Korahais Song Author Unknown
Black Socks Author Unknown
The Food Song Author Unknown, preformed at CLN94-2 Talent Show
Ode to Wolfgang by Katie Davenport
The Not A Vegan Yet Blues by Katie Davenport
Song for a Dashing Young Studmuffin by Katie Davenport
Highly Reflective Girl by Wolfgang and Katie Davenport
The Sexy Techno Sparkle Song- First preformed by The Sexy Techno Sparkles at the Goodwill Games, CLN.1-97
The Might Squirrel Song- First preformed by the Plexians at the Goodwill Games, CLN.1-97
Sam I Am- First preformed by Duck and company at the 1996 session 1 Talent Show, Carlisle
CTY Goodbye Song- Author Unknown, preformed at Goucher in 92 and Saratoga in 96