Song for a Dashing Young Studmuffin

By Katie Davenport

Jeff, Jeff Morrow, he's my kind of guy
Though when I'm with him I sort of forget why
Jeff, Jeff Morrow, he's my cup of tea
Oh, how I wish he'd pour a cup for me

Jeff, Jeff Morrow, he gets all the girls
He's the greatest lover in all the modern world
He's a snappy dresser, and he's got good hair to boot
Oh, even my mother thinks he's cute

I think he's sexy
Mmmm, I think he's hot
But that sort of depresses me
'Cause I know he's:
(instrumental: hava nagila)

Jeff, Jeff Morrow has put a spell on me
I'd swim mountains, or climb across the sea
I'd have his baby, I'd go to meet his folks
But I will not laugh at his jokes