Sam I Am

By Greg Gheorghiu, Jesse Goodwin, Leo Hachberg, Austin "Duck" Lee, Bryan Russell, and Josh Woodard

Unlike the other songs in this collection, I can't put down the words to the Sam I Am song, because I believe they are under copyright. See, what happened was this: Josh and company were playing "Daughter" by Pearl Jam, and at the end of the song, the continued playing while switching interments (The drummer played with one stick, while he handed the other to someone else, the second drummer played with his one stick while the first drummer gave him the second stick, that sort of thing.) Then Duck burst onto the stage, screaming the words to "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss, with this heavy, loud rock music as back up. Duck only screamed the first half of the book, so the happy ending of the Guy finding he liked Green Eggs and Ham was replaced with the happy ending of the crowd going wild and giving a standing ovation. Dr. Seuss would have either rolled over in his grave or been eternally pleased.