CTY Links

For the last 5 years, every couple of months I've done searches on a bunch of search engines looking for new CTY pages. I will not do that anymore. Any links to be added to this page *must* be submitted to me via e-mail at elizaweb@bigfoot.com. I will link to any page that doesn't do that annoying alternating capital letters things, but I'm not going to search out CTY pages anymore. Thanks.

You know, I can't fit one percent of the cool stuff about CTY on to my one page. That's why I'm glad that lots of other people have CTY pages too. Between all of us, we've done a pretty good job of creating CTY on-line. Here are some of the best links, sorted loosely by site:

The Official JHU CTY page

The CTY Alumni page- Includes the Official CTY address book, CTY web pages and pages by CTYers, and info on joining the Alumni association.

CTY Therapy - The most prominate live journal community for CTYers

CTY Job descriptions- Want to work at CTY? Here's where to go.

OTID and CTY Page-A semi-official page by Mathew Belmont, a CTY student since way back when and a staff member for years and years. A good mailing list, and a bit about the decline of CTY.

The Mattababy Connection- The Mattababy Scholarship apparently gives money to help people go to CTY. This is a page for those who have gone to CTY on the scholarship.

Irish Centre of Talented Youth - It is a CTYI page! Wow! It is the only one I've found, even if it is somewhat official and such.

CTY Math Coordinator's Handbook- Written by a teacher for a teacher, but students can read it too.

Jennifer's CTY Teacher Page- Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning information by the person who teaches it in LA.

Scott's Page- Stuff from a CTY TA and instructor... very informative about being a teacher, complete with classroom material.

CTY Page- A brief page from a 10 year Lancaster teacher. A little text and some links.

Carlyle- Lots of wonderful writings, tidings of Carlisle, and a person of the month. By Robin Bose.

Aaron's CTY Page- Rocky Horror, Couching, and a really bad picture of me, from a Carlilse CTYer.

Bram's CTY Page- A page from a CTYer in the early 80's, includes pieces of CTY history.

Lisa's CTY page- Memories from a 1997 Carlisle Student and a 1996 Chestertown student.

CTY Explanation- Memories, pictures, and music from Carlisle and Clinton.

Julie's CTY Webpage- Carlisle; Passionfruit and canon and CTY withdrawal

Who Watches Over You - Carlisle Site, with links, essays, photo gallery, poetry, passionfruit, canon, and all the other essentials.

The Magnificent Seven - Mysterious. And Magnificent. Carlilse based, but I can only tell because I recognize the dinner trays in the pictures.

Mike's CTY Page - JHU and Carlilse, photos and memories.

Nino's Carlisle 2001 Pictures - Nino's Carlisle 2001 Pictures. This page really creeped me out and made me feel old.

The Time Warp CTY Pages- Canon, What is CTY, Passionfruit, Links, Pictures, and Palindromes. I really like this site... from Carlisle 2002.

Natasha's CTY Website- Some photos from a CAR 99-02 CTYer

The Digi Clan Page- is the page for the infamous DigiClan of Lancaster.

Bonnie's CTY Page- Quotes, Links, and confectionism, from Lancaster.

CTY- Some writings, some passionfruit toasts, some dance info. Lancaster-based.

Alcove in Exile - Message site for the the Alcove, a Lancaster CTY group

Allison's CTY Page - Lancaster. Essays, Pictures, Passionfruit, links, and other cool stuff. A fairly extensive page.

CTY, We Love You - CTY pictures from Lancaster and reunions.

Asheesh's CTY site-Under construction, but pretty cool. Will eventually have card games, traditions, people, and all sorts of other cool things. Lancaster based.

My Humble CTY Web Abode-Little LLRT site with pictures.... 1999-2000

CTY Memories- Memories from a 88-91 CTYer at F&M.

Nerd Camp- Pictures and Memories from F&M

The All That is Good CTY Page- From Saratoga, Memories and music.

CTY Skidmore- Neat mapping system with cannons, photos, Terry is God, and a purity test.

Emmy's Page O' CTY Stuff- Music, Reasons to go to CTY, Personal thanks, etc, from Saratoga.

And they were singing... - Pictures and links from a mostly SAR CTYer, 1996-2000

Kevin's CTY Page - Music, photos, and so forth. From Saratoga. I'm sorry, Kevin. It's late, and I'm too tired to write a good description of your page.

Jill's CTY Site- An Essay. From Saratoga and Carlisle.

Kate's CTY Page- A page for a 99-2000 CTY Saratoga girl with pictures and memories.

CTY Photos- From Saratoga 1999 session 1.

Alex Fong's CTY Page- Pictures and quotes. Also plays Pie. From Clinton.

Beth's CTY Page- Essays, memories, and other cool things from a Clinton CTYer.

Caroline's CTY Page-Ramblings from Clinton. Says nice things about my site. :-)

CTY 2000 - A Flashy site from Hamilton, with pictures and such.

Beth's CTY Page- Stuff from Hamilton 1995 and 1996. Pretty empty.

CTY!- CLN 1994 and 1995... pictures, stories, commandments, dances, and so forth.

CTY Site- Some memories from a 2002 nomore year, and a canon list. Hamilton/Union/Seina

CTY Delinquents- A well laid out page with pictures and various cool info, Siena, I think.

CTY LMU MSN- MSN Group for LMU CTY site.... typically, I don't include this sort of thing (groups and lists) but since I have so few LMU sites, I figured I would throw it in.

Meows and Hugs- CTY Memories from 97-01 LMU.

DigiLevel Unoffical CTY Page- Collections of e-mail addresses, websites, and other info about CTYers. Mostly JHU

CTY PA Pics- A few pictures from A Bethlehem, PA CTY site in 2003

Goucher College- Pictures from CTY 2000 session 1 at Goucher

Gripe Page- Something bad to say about CTY?! Grips about problems at CTY, especially in '97. Run by Michael Bolin.

A Slice of Pie- The American Pie Archive. Lyrics, interpretations, parodies, etc.

Joyce's CTY Page- Memories and pictures.

I Love CTY - Photos and a scrapbook from 2000.

Dan's Page - Dan's CTY Page, with good commentary.

CTY 2000- A neat site from a multi-site CTYer, with tips for new CTYers, Pictures, Canon, essays, and such.

Lisa's CTY page- memories and toasts; links

CTY Veterans- Random facts, thanks, links, bad background and layout

CTY Home Page- A site from a multi-site/year CTYer with quotes, memories, and canon.

CTY- Shoutouts.

I Love CTY- 2000 site with pictures, pie, and some writings.

Pictures-CTY 2001 pictures by Allison... from Union.

Moments in Time- CTY 1997 pictures.

Schnicket- "Dear God, it's another canon page" Kind of a weird layout, but otherwise pretty good.

A CTY Webring- I'm not on it because I disapprove of webrings, but other people like them, so here you go if you want it.

The CTY Fanlisting-Schedual, traditions, community, canon.

Cult of Twisted Youth- Jen's CTY page, harvested off the wayback machine.

Henry's CTY Page- Memories from a mid-eighties CTYer.

CTY Siena- A Seina Page with a dictionary, shoutouts, pictures, and a canon page.

What did you expect?- Pictures, and other CTY stuff with non-CTY stuff all mixed in.

Marlena's Coffee Corner- Info on Dances, Activities, and memories. Also, Pictures

CTY Saratoga Quiz- Saratoga Trivia Quiz.

How CTY Are You?- Quiz

How Obsessed are you with CTY?- Quiz

Would you fit in at CTY Carlisle?- Quiz