Pictures from Rocky Horror Second Session, 1997

The Cast- Alex Zito: Dr. Frank-n-Furter (a scientist); Me: Janet Weiss (a heroine); Andrew: Brad Majors (a hero); SarahT: Riff Raff (a handyman); Guinevere: Magenta (a domestic); Aime Celeste: Columbia (a groupie); Jeff the RA: Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist); Nick Hudac: Rocky Horror (a creation); Pierre: Eddie (ex-delivery boy); Jeffrey Morrow: The Criminologist (Narrator) (an expert)
The Time Warpers- Nick Thornton, Amanda Lamy, Remo, Xia, Smurf, Elley, Lisa Bell, Clara, Joe, Nell, Tina Gupta, Charlene, Travis-Jason, and Alley Hector
Themselves- Sophie-Sophia-Sharon and Okey

Nick Hudac preparing his costume

SarahT making up Alex Zito

Alex Zito modeling his Frank costume

SarahT making up Aime Celeste

Alex Zito, Aime Celeste, Nick Hudac, Lisa Bell and Okey

Okey and Remo


Sophie-Sophia-Sharon making up Nell

Jeff the RA as Dr. Scott

Pierre and Aime Celeste, Nick Hudac and Jeffrey Morrow

Clara eating pizza


The Time Warpers

Andrew, myself, Jeff the RA, and Jeffrey Morrow

Alex Zito, Nick Hudac, Andrew, and myself

The whole cast

Max and Nell

Guinevere and SarahT

Jeffrey Morrow and Guinevere