Purity Tests have long been a staple of CTY culture. From the many versions of Sex Purity Tests to the Nerdity Test to the Weirdness Purity Test, no discussion of CTY is complete without a mentioning a test. However, there was no test to show how obsessed you are with CTY. Until now. With great pride, I present....


This test measures both breadth and depth of CTY experience.
To Score: Check all the boxes for which the answer is yes. Click the "Calculate Your Purity" Button at the end. Thanks to the people at Armory and John H. DuBois III, from whom I stole the code for this test.

Have you ever...
  1. Attended CTY?
  2. Attended CTY more than once?
  3. Attended Baby CTY (young students)?
  4. Attended two sessions of CTY in one summer?
  5. Gone to intersession?
  6. Been a Five Year Freak?
  7. Completed a sequence of CTY courses (i.e. taken all the writing courses.)?
  8. Used a CTY class for credit in some other place?
  9. Passed over other appealing opportunities to attended CTY (ie trips, other camps, etc)?
  10. Paid for you own session of CTY (not your parents, you personally)?
  11. Tried to get into CTY after you passed the age 16?
  12. Aspired to being a CTY RA or other employee?
  13. Been a CTY RA or other employee?
  14. More than once?
  15. Kept in touch with CTY students you met as a staff member?
  16. Been fired as CTY staff?
  17. Had a CTY student think you were a RA or other employee when you weren't?
  18. Attended CTY more for the people than the classes?
  19. Not cared what class you got into, as long as you got the site you wanted?
  20. Attended more than one CTY site?
  21. Been a student at all the CTY sites in opperation during your time as a student? (At one point and time, this was possible)
  22. Been to CTY Ireland?
  23. Spent four or more sessions at the same CTY site?
  24. Never gone to the same site twice?
  25. Compared and contrasted different CTY sites with other CTYers?
  26. Been in every dorm at a given site?
  27. Slept in every dorm at a given site?
  28. Lost purity points in every dorm at a given site?
  29. Numbered the years of you high school by what class you took at CTY?
  30. Had CTY withdrawal?
  31. Spent a summer moping because you were too old for CTY?
  32. Spent a summer doing CTY related activities, such as visiting CTYers, because you were too old for CTY?
  33. Visited a CTY site during a session of CTY while not attending CTY?
  34. Visited a CTY site while CTY was not in session, for memories or some such reason?
  35. Thought of CTY as "home"?
  36. Thought of your CTY friends as "family"?
  37. Dated a CTYer?
  38. Dated a CTYer while not going to CTY?
  39. Dated a CTYer not in your state while not going to CTY?
  40. Started a relationship with a CTYer you met outside of CTY?
  41. Had an interstate relationship with a CTYer you met outside of CTY?
  42. Married a CTY at some sort of CTY marriage booth?
  43. Married more than one CTYer at one time at a CTY marriage booth?
  44. Legally married a CTYer?
  45. Was your first kiss at CTY?
  46. Did you lose your virginity to a CTYer?
  47. At CTY?
  48. Been censored at CTY?
  49. Been responsible for the creation of a new CTY rule?
  50. Broken a CTY rule that you created?
  51. Broken the No Flying rule, the No Biting the Signs rule, or some other totally unnecessary rule as a protest or just to see what they would do to you?
  52. Been kicked out of CTY?
  53. Done something that could have gotten you kicked out if you had gotten caught?
  54. Given up an addiction (cigarettes, etc.) to go to CTY?
  55. Watched Montey Python?
  56. More than once?
  57. Can you quote Montey Python?
  58. Can you quote whole episodes/movies of Montey Python?
  59. Read Douglas Adams?
  60. Read everything Douglas Adams has written?
  61. Multiple times?
  62. Do you make references to Douglas Adams's work in everyday life?
  63. Played Mao?
  64. More than once?
  65. Been the chair person in a game of Mao?
  66. Watched the Simpsons?
  67. More than once?
  68. Seen every episode of the Simpsons?
  69. Do you quote the Simpsons?
  70. Taken a purity test?
  71. More than once?
  72. Been the highest score among a group taking a purity test?
  73. Been the lowest score among a group taking the purity test?
  74. Had your purity test score go up?
  75. Had your purity test score drop by more than 2 points in a half hour period when it really shouldn't have?
  76. Had your GPA be more than double your purity test score?
  77. Written a purity test, or purity-type test?
  78. Taken a nerdity test?
  79. Played "spin the bottle"?
  80. Since entering high school?
  81. Played Spin the Bottle in public?
  82. Been accused of being corrupted by CTY?
  83. Had your parents refuse to pay for another session of CTY because of its corrupting influences?
  84. Discussed political theory, philosophy, scientific and mathematical theory, literature, etc outside of the context of a class or class assignment?
  85. Discussed grammar outside of the context of a class or class assignment?
  86. Felt that you learned more from CTY students than you have learned from your school teachers?
  87. Been called a nerd?
  88. And thought it was a compliment?
  89. Dyed your hair?
  90. Multiple colors?
  91. With Manic Panic?
  92. Had your parents fax/mail a note to CTY with permission to dye your hair?
  93. Attended Passionfruit?
  94. Had a Passionfruit toast that lasted for more that 5 minutes?
  95. Been a king or queen of Passionfruit?
  96. Participated in an on-line Passionfruit?
  97. Read/preformed at closing ceremonies?
  98. More than once?
  99. Had a serious discussion about the "decline of CTY"?
  100. Frolicked?
  101. Ranted?
  102. Couched?
  103. Lounged?
  104. Cross-Dressed?
  105. In the name of political activism?
  106. Worn your bathrobe in public?
  107. Participated in hall bondage?
  108. Participated in a grass orgy?
  109. Are people who dislike you pompous and overblown?
  110. Do you own a harem?
  111. Are you part of a harem?
  112. Owned someone's soul?
  113. Distributed someone's soul to various people?
  114. Can you compare and contrast CTY customs from different sites ("Well at Saratoga they only shout "Die Die Die" for American Pie, while at Carlisle they...")?
  115. Started a major CTY tradition?
  116. Been part of a major CTY legend or urban legend?
  117. Found out that the administration used you as an example when training new staff?
  118. Had a favorite CTY activity (Discussion group, Kline, Improv, etc.)?
  119. Attended said activity every day?
  120. Had people attend that activity exclusively to see you?
  121. Been unsure about what to do when said activity was not held?
  122. Ditched the activity you were signed up for to go to another one?
  123. Have you ever heard American Pie?
  124. Do you know all the words to American Pie?
  125. Do you cry when you hear American Pie?
  126. Do you refuse to listen to American Pie anyplace other than a CTY dance?
  127. Have you ever coined an American Pie "call-back" (ie, "Die, Die, Die! Live, Live, Live! Sex, Sex, Sex! More, More, More!")?
  128. Do you know all the words to Stairway to Heaven?
  129. Do you cry when you hear "Stairway to Heaven"?
  130. Do you know all the words to "Forever Young"?
  131. Do you cry when you hear it?
  132. Do you know all the words to more than 5 songs in the CTY Canon?
  133. Do you know all the words to all the songs in the CTY Canon?
  134. Can you play more than 3 CTY songs on a musical instrument?
  135. Do you have any CTY songs in foreign languages?
  136. Do you own any albums you bought solely because they contained CTY songs?
  137. That you haven't even listened to the non-CTY song tracks on?
  138. That you hide when company comes over because you don't want them to ask about ("No. No. That's not a Right Says Fred album...")?
  139. Do you have a copy of a CTY Canon tape/cd?
  140. Been unable to listen to the tape because it made you miss CTY too much?
  141. Worn out a CTY songs CD or tape?
  142. Have you ever made a CTY canon CD/tape?
  143. Have you ever committed one or more felonies in creating said CD/tape?
  144. Entered a situation of minor or major embarrassment while trying to create said CD/tape ("Yes, I'm looking for a copy of YMCA. No. Stop laughing. Please.")?
  145. Become obsessed to the point of worrying people about finding a copy of a CTY song ("Must...Find...Rainbow...Connection...")?
  146. Bought or sold a CTY songs CD or tape?
  147. And made a profit?
  148. And felt guilty enough about making a profit off of a CTY songs album that you returned the fee?
  149. That you donated the fee to CTY?
  150. Been sued by the RIAA for activities you participated in while creating a canon CD?
  151. Swung your pants above your head while listening to "Bizarre Love Triangle"?
  152. Removed your shirt when the guy singing "I'm too Sexy" says that he is too sexy for his shirt?
  153. Participated in a Pie Love-in.
  154. Do you know all the steps to the "Time Warp"?
  155. Gone costumed as a Rocky Horror Character to a CTY Dance?
  156. Protested when a certain song wasn't played at a CTY Dance?
  157. Thought of a CTY dance as the equivalent of your high school prom?
  158. Been chastised by staff for inappropriate behavior at a CTY Dance?
  159. Do you own a CTY frisbee?
  160. Do you own multiple CTY frisbees?
  161. Played Ultimate Frisbee?
  162. Outside of gym class?
  163. At CTY?
  164. Played Ultimate every day for a period of 2 weeks or more?
  165. Do you own any CTY related t-shirts (ie class shirts, nomore shirts, HUB worker shirts, Sound of America Shirts)?
  166. Do you own CTY related t-shirts from years you did not attend CTY?
  167. Do you own more than one CTY related t-shirt?
  168. Organized the making of CTY related t-shirt?
  169. Do you own a CTY Staff shirt?
  170. That you obtained without being a staff member?
  171. Compared official CTY shirts from different years (Well, the 1995 shirt was really ugly, but the 1994 shirt....)?
  172. Participated in a CTY talent show?
  173. More than once?
  174. Emceed a CTY talent show?
  175. Written and preformed a catchy tune for a CTY talent show (Peanut Butter Heart, The Things That Aren't Sexy Song, Pickled Onions, I'm Such A Dork, etc.)?
  176. Known all the words to such a catchy tune which you did not write?
  177. Preformed some sort of stunt that was talked of at CTY for years to come?
  178. Participated in an official discussion about CTY Traditions and History? (With staff members present)
  179. Do you think IAAY doesn't exist?
  180. Is this because you're bitter about the lack of silly acronyms for it?
  181. Can you list more than 15 false acronyms for CTY?
  182. Do you have a favorite false acronym for CTY?
  183. Is it "Can't Tell You" or "Center for Transvestite/Transsexual Yodelers/Yaks?"
  184. Did you create either of the above acronyms?
  185. Attempted to explain CTY to a non-CTYer?
  186. Succeeded?
  187. Had a CTY tradition catch on with your non-CTY friends?
  188. Convinced some one who was qualified to attend CTY but didn't want to attend that it was worth it?
  189. Written an essay about CTY for a class assignment, college scholarship, etc.?
  190. Written an essay about CTY just for the heck of it?
  191. Been unable to write an essay that wasn't about CTY?
  192. Won an award for or gotten into college based on an essay written about CTY?
  193. Had an essay you wrote about CTY published (in an actual magazine or journal... webpages don't count)?
  194. Do you receive some sort of CTY newsletter (either unofficial or official)?
  195. Do you write such a newsletter?
  196. Are you part of some sort of CTY discussion group (CTY-L@cornell.edu, digi@digiclan.ml.org, etc)?
  197. Do you run such a discussion group?
  198. Are you part of several such groups?
  199. Created some sort of CTY related internet community (livejournal, etc.)
  200. Participated in such a community?
  201. Made a web page devoted to CTY?
  202. Updated your web page devoted to CTY?
  203. Kept your CTY web page updated for more than 2 years?
  204. Kept your CTY web page updated for more than 2 years after your last session of CTY?
  205. Been complimented on your CTY web page?
  206. Had your CTY webpage appear in the first 20 links in a Google search?
  207. Had something on your CTY web page other than photos, personal memories, and a list of the canon?
  208. Spent more than 40 hours working on your CTY web page (not all in one sitting, hopefully).
  209. Been part of a CTY web ring?
  210. Placed a photo archive on your CTY webpage?
  211. Been part of a CTY photo exchange?
  212. Attended a CTY reunion?
  213. Traveled more than 100 miles to attend a CTY reunion?
  214. Organized/hosted a CTY reunion?
  215. Organized/hosted some sort of regular CTY reunion? (First Night, DNYR, etc)
  216. Do you have more CTY friends than friends from home?
  217. Had to counsel a CTY friend through a breakup or other emotional circumstance?
  218. Had to do so while in a different state from said friend?
  219. Run up a phone bill of 50 dollars or more because of calling CTYers long distance?
  220. Do you go through more than 10 stamps a month because of snail-mail to CTYers?
  221. Did you sign up for some sort of internet communication method exclusively to talk to CTYers (e-mail, AIM, so forth)
  222. Kept in touch with a friend from CTY for more than 2 years?
  223. Been involved in CTY activities (reunions, lists, web pages, etc) for more than two years after your nomore year?
  224. Pulled an all nighter talking to CTY friends?
  225. Gone to a CTYer's Prom (Not your own!)?
  226. Gone to your prom with a CTYer?
  227. Met and befriended CTYers outside of the context of CTY?
  228. Met a CTYer through means 100% unrelated to CTY?
  229. Found out that you and this CTYer had a mutual friend?
  230. Found out that you and this CTYer had a mutual boy/girlfriend?
  231. Gotten a CTY staff member fired?
  232. More than once?
  233. In the same summer?
  234. Had direct communication with year-round CTY staff?
  235. Worked for CTY as a year-round staff?
  236. Been involved in an official CTY advisory group?
  237. Been part of the CTY alumni association?
  238. Appeared or been quoted in the CTY view book?
  239. More than once?
  240. Appeared in a news article about CTY?
  241. Listed your occupation as "CTYer"?
  242. Calculated your score to this test without a calculator (or the submit button)?

Good going!