Grab your juice and Pass the Fun!!

Stephanie-Eliza -- Elizabeth Wrigley Field -- Shelly Kragie -- Guinevere-Amy -- Jesse Biddle -- Irene Yoon -- Jeremy R. Cooke -- Nick Thornton -- Dennis Clark -- Trekkie Techie Jeff Bernath -- Rachel Armentrout -- Katie Davenport -- Nick Hudac -- Aaron Pendergrass -- Soumik Pal -- Lucy -- Chan Sue Yee Joanna -- Konica -- Rachel, diva #3 -- Kristi -- Caroline Glendenning -- L -- Lisa Carey -- Elena Bonifacio -- Phil Sandifer -- Joanna Staebler -- Akanksha (Kankshi) Thakur -- Stephanie Sam -- Travis-Jason Feldstein -- Sulin Carling -- Jamey Borell -- Molly -- Mark Bradwin -- Autarkic -- Gella, Brooklyn Bitch, Laughing Spinoza -- Kathleen(Kate, Kathie, Katya) M. Miller -- Big" Ben McGinnis -- Amanda Jenkins -- Christine -- Conor Walsh -- Amy -- Carrie -- Monica (aka Mo) -- Pammy Woodward -- David (Shiny the Lustrous) -- Emily Kehrt -- Grace -- Jacob Alperin-Sheriff -- Annie
To the U.S. Postal Service, AT&T, and The Internet, who keep me in touch and informed. Also, to everyone who helped me with this web page.
To Aunt Frank, whose trust money paid for CTY.
To the RA's, TA's, Teachers, Administrators, and JHU, without whom there would be no CTY. To Hamilton, Skidmore, and Dickinson Colleges, who kindly provided a lovely background for my CTY experiences. To all the things that make CTY what it is: Ultimate and Mandatory Fun, the HUB and the dances, Chuck and Meat Market, Spam Parties and Passionfruit, Couching and discussion group, American Pie and Stairway, and most importantly- the people.
To Mandy, who first taught me about True Friendship.
To Meg, Ali, Stephanie, Mia, Shannon, Ron, Phil, Linda, Susie, Bo, Leila, Dee, Pat, Kim, Matt, Dave, Jeff, Crystal, Galen, and MARC SCHUL for being authority figures I could live with. To Katie, Lindsay, Esther, Michelle, Alexis, Josh, Howard, Benjy, Elena, Doug, Rayn, Amanda, Ben, Greg, Nick Hudac, Andrew, Ella, Alex Zito, Lisa Bell, Sophie, Paige, Ed, Jane, Orin, Alex Stathes, Chris Cody, Phoebe, Janet, Vicki, Curtis, Brandon, Jessica, Sarah, Marvin, Sameer, Matt, Katie Davenport, Marley, Margaret Flemming, Tina, Charelene, Smurf, Rebecca Froom, Won, Bing, and everyone from CTY past, for too many things to mention, and for always staying cool.
To my baby CTY math class for introducing me to CTY and classes in the theater. To my writing 1 class for throwing the eraser and wiffle ball. To my 2a class for Ug, chair sculptors, Heart of Darkness, and reading essays with flashlights. To my Fiction Class for helping me learn to lie with passion. To my Playwriting Class for Boisms, toast, and fashion shows. To my Archeology class for field trips and tee-shirts.
To the brAss Monkeys for brAss Monkey Retribution, wearing our pajamas to class, dressing in black, and sitting in circles during Meat Market.
To the complete cast of Rocky Horror, both sessions. To Kim, because it isn't safe to walking on High Street, and to all the cars that stopped when we walked by. To Jeff the RA for being Dr. Scott, even though he was an RA. To maddly gathering clothes and everyone who lent us costume pieces. To way too much pizza and way too much make-up.
To Jamey, Zine, and Sara for staying up all night with me my last night of CTY. To the DigiClan and LLRT and all the other random CTYers I've met over the internet whose enthusiastic mail has helped keep CTY around all year. To Dan Wagner and Zine, for being my first ever real-life Passionfruit emperor and emperess. To all of the Steves, for being Steves: Leland, Steve-with-the-Knicks-Hat, Steve-with-the-green-hair, and Kevin (the real fake Steve). To Travis-Jason and Heather-Rachel, for having hyphanated names. To those who have visited my page, for making me feel like I'm doing something to continue the magic. To Liisa, Tien, Matthew Belmonte, and the uOCTYAA.
To Mike for lending me you flannel when it was cold, being a spiffy Brad, knowing how to drive, and for looking mad different when you come to reunions. To Tim/Peirre for rants and getting kicked out of the HUB, and for the Deaf Mexicans. To Antti, for riding the subway in handcuffs and speaking Finnish at the dinner table. To Eli, for Sticks and Bowls and the California Pizza Kitchen, for climbing trees, and for being wise. To Molly for being everyone's favorite plus-sized-model. To Travis for introducing me to Baby Food and giving me computer advice. To Judy, for being the original Frog-Girl. To Elley for giving me a hug when you weren't talking to me.
To Matt Weinstien for being such a great Jewish Cowboy, showing me around New York, letting us dye our hair in your sink, and talking to me. To Kara Shamey, for not liking surprises and not liking cheese. To L for having a blue streak in your hair, a one letter name, always having the time to talk, and being one of the most fabulous people I know. To Amie Celiste for being the third and for tickle fights that broke your glasses. To Robin for Carlyle and making me cry when you were in India. To The Real Fake Steve, for sending me cartoons and visiting record stores. To Wolfgang for all the fab music, yam biscuits, a potato-blanket dress, and Mao in Dupont Circle.
To LizWF for having a cool last name and being so absolutely fabulous. For dying our hair red and my first New York Taxi. Guess what? You have a toaster point after all. ;-) To Lara- I wish you luck, and I'm sorry. To Remo for making snide comments from the window sill and being a nice pillow. To Okey for vinal, my last Forever Young, and drawing pictures in my memory book; also, for never keeping in touch, and breaking my fan when my brother stole it and took it to CTY 98. To Tuesday for Shakespeare and not crying because it would make your makeup run, and stopping my tears. To Tom, for Movies on the Mall, Malks, and showing up randomly on my doorstep. To Xia for having more names than all of us, moot, letting me sleep in your bed, and letting me cry on your shoulder. To Clara, for putting up with all my midnight rantings. Thanks.
To Heather-Rachel, saraht, and Guinevere, for fancy underware, rats in the lights, and the Chicken Florentine alarm clock. For accidently skipping out of hall bonding, getting in trouble, and spending meat market in KW. For staying up all night. To saraht and Amy for toaster points and sitting on top of the closet. I always feel safe in high places.
To Mark, because despite the fact that you are a really big dork, you did mean something in my life.
To Nell, for losing purity points, the Tasty Diner, small fuzzy animals in unusual places, The New Yorker's best short stories, random meetings on the train, X and O, crying, laughing, and everything else. I wish you luck. Fare thee well.
To Nick Thornton for roses, pretending like it's just a normal day, a passionfruit toast that made me remember just how important life is, a mad discount at Natural Wonders, getting mail at my apartment, and sending me sand.
To Max for being the true ruler of the world, not talking unless there is something cool to say, sending me a potato blanket wrapped in a paper bag, escalator races, and protecting me from the drunk guy at the TMBG concert.
To Phil, for long IMs and for reminding me that it is my web page and I can post as long as I darn well please. For REM, ICQ, and BUS. For watching X-files over the phone. For being there when it seemed like one else was, and for caring when it seemed like no one else did. Thank you, despite everything.
To Chris, my partner in crime, for comics and Crusade, DragonCon and letting me live with your parents. For driving me around in your car and listening when I needed to Rant. For giving me someplace to call home (even if it is in Troy!). For long discussions about the politics of a school I don't go to. For waiting for me. For everything
To Justin. For building me a computer and teaching me how to talk to- and how not to talk to- customer service representatives. And for being a hero when I needed one the most.
To Aaron. For Devilsticks and noticing when I missed a newsletter. For the first moment I saw you at CTY 97. For spending your lunch in KW with me when I was sick. For talking to me when I was upset. For DC reunions of all sorts. For letting me go. I truly loved you, and even now you mean more to me than I wish you did. Take care of yourself.
To saraht, the essence of CTY, for 7:00 breakfast, dying hair, really loud techno, a really messy room, and moving furniture. For being completely packed, yet still having a full closet. For First Night. For carting me around Boston, Food-Not-Bombs, Haley House, and dollar-a-pound. For making me quit for a week. For listening. For being my best roommate ever, and to future midnight talks.
To Jeff. For notes, fireworks, and goodbyes. For forgiveness. For sixteen page newsletters and never doing what you say you will. For actually calling me, sending me a package, and promising to visit. For long IMs in the middle of the night and telling me to take a vacation. I needed it. For being first, and showing me what being first should mean.
To Milo, for keeping my mailbox full and for being my 'dear brother.' For Cylis and Seraphena, Simon and Garfunkle, and Rosencratz and Guildenstern. For lying too much, knowing too much random stuff, recommending good books, and knowing how to fix things.
To Amy, for hair dye, sperm donor twins, screaming on the stairwell, my CDs in New Jersey, brAss Monkeys, wallpaper, and stealing all your clothes. For packing too much and watching the sun rise on New Years and making insane plans. For running up your phone bill because I needed to talk, and listening to me cry. For taking care of me, and yelling at people who need to be yelled at. Even though I'm older, you'll always be my big sister. I love you dearly and always will, no matter what.
To all CTYers, past, present, and future. And to those who are CTYers at heart.


Shelly, my bestest best friend, who taught me (in second session)how to be a true CTYer, by being myself.
Amy, my lovely friend without whom I would never have discovered Passionfruit, who taught me that my CTYer self is not a freak.
Anna, Kara, Matt, and more, because they just kick ass.
Stephanie, for the newsletter, and for giving me the chance to have an online toast.
To myself, my CTYer self, for being a CTYer, and to all the other CTyers (not anyone who goes, anyone who is really a CTYer).
To CTY itself, if you can even toast an institution.
I love the Passionfruit.

--Elizabeth Wrigley Field

To Liz, my bestest friend!
To CTY in general, because with out I don't know were I would be right now.
To Stephanie, for being cool and encouraging us all to stay cool.
To Amy, the bestest Empress ever.
To all those geniuses out there caught in a system that seems set on killing us slowly.
And to the orange truck that kept driving past the passion fruit site when I was toasting.
I love CTY and I love the passion fruit.

-Shelly Kragie

Guinevere-Amy's Toast is mondo long. She has put it up on her web page and asks that I put a link to it. Link to the toast Go read it; it's nice.
To all the woogies-- Big and little.
To Stephen-- for making my 2nd CTY year great
To Dylan- for being my friend, both at school and at CTY(even if he does not write to me.
To all the ASS MONKEYS--Well do I need a reason?
And to Tim and his girlfriend/ our teacher?( What was her name?)
To Ali, Callie, and Amy-- The best roomates ever( well not technically)
I love Passionfruit

--Jesse Biddle

To my friends, duh. but especially to: Mellie, Alexis, Jade, Colleen, Petra, Judy, Jason, Alex, Henry (from being terrified of me to being my best friend for three and a half years), Dave, Christina, Brenda, Ali, Pauline and Sheela (second year--surprise!), Kristin, Chen, Jenna, Ping, Jen Liu, Eric, the list goes on and on...
To E-mail because even though it's impersonal and I used to hate it, it lets me KIT, the most important thing.
To CTY. (yes, Liz Wrigley Field, I strongly believe that you can toast an institution.) and to that whatever-it-is that CTY gives us.
I can't do this, every time I start a toast I start to cry.
To Carlisle 94, 95, 96, Lancaster 94, Saratoga 95.
I love CTY.
I love the passionfruit.

--Irene Yoon

To Kara - For opening up a whole new world for me
To Janice - For my first kiss
To Knut - For beginning my CTY experiences on a fun note
To Benji - Dude, that was a kick-ass [insert noun].
To Alexis - For being so friendly
To the Hijlehs - For letting us listen to music in the dark
To Boaz - For being such a crazy guy
To CTY - For introducing me to American Pie

--Jeremy R. Cooke

To Sarah Bruns,
for that summer now so long ago you thought I'd forget and for being there always. I'll always remember our 'self testicular examinations', but more than that I'll remember how you were there when I needed you most.
To Jenna Chung for signing both ways
To Jessica Wu for 'secrets', being my 'owner for a day' and not believing I'd fix the pen
To Kara Shamy, you were my first girlfriend and my first first kiss. You could never know all you truly meant to me. Though 'we' didn't work out, you began what CTY meant to me. You opened my heart to a world I thought had left me cold and alone. You opened my eyes that I may see again. I shall never forget you nor your verbal meanderings
To Eric Johnson for being the only one in geometry
To Lana Cohen though you didn't get a guy and you were a spermie, you were my spermie
To Susan Trenlatt for spelling C-a-r-l-i-s-l-e and soccer, and of course salt and pepper creations
To Bethany Bricen for four square and the talent show
To Geoffrey Chen for Untalented Youth and living in Taiwan
To John Choi for soccer and friendship
To Erin Haynes for leaving early on the last day, and an early breakfast and I miss you
To Mike Zeiler for being a kick adz roommate and introducing me to vegetarianism
To Kirsten Ostroff though you got kicked out
To Abbey for not being 'authority'
To Mark Reach for the truly ultimate drum set: two chairs, an inverted trash can, and the snapple jar filled with change
To Untalented Youth; Geo, Mark, Mike, and Dave, and the Talent Show forever
To Pierre for snapple caps and ranting
To Wolfgang for the damn-spiffy-eggplant-helluv-mad-phat-bombass-shit-bitch vegan biscuits, ska, and your hair
To Katie Davenport, for 'group orgies', decapitating blades of grass, writing too much on my shirt, and being my first french kiss. Why I decided to hold you that first day I still don't know, nor do I think I'll ever. But I'm glad I did. Perhaps you really were a sperm but in my mind you were the same as the rest of us.
To Lizzie Everton, for being at peace, telling me I'd find someone though you knew I wouldn't listen, and the 'z chromosome' revolution. For loving the Doors and giving in to dance with me. But mostly for being there as no one else ever had or has since. You are the only person I've ever met who understands me. I could never forget all those times we talked, nor could I forget the dances. Perchance only you knew me because I only fully shared myself with you. When first I met you I thought I loved you, now I know I do- but not in the lustful way I thought. You were and are so much more than any simple lust or love could be. Thank you for being my soulmate though you never knew, thank you for understanding. I shall love you forever more
To Jacob Remes for blues jams
To Matt Weinstein for appreciating the sexiness of Katie's nose
To Sarah T, for introducing me to all my friends, techno, the gold plated jacket, and army fatigues. For blue hair, e-mails, 'hope for the flowers', and all you never knew you did for me. You changed me more than anyone else, you helped me find myself and for that there can be no repayment. Just know this: I will be there when you fall asleep over homework to cover you with a blanket and make you cocoa and mulled cider as you wake
To Steph Sam for not making my frog squishid and those times I can't remember
To Tonia for being there and reading my poetry, and for approving of me and Katie. And for yelling at me when my e-mail got to be too much
To Aime Cileste Hoffman just because
To Sarah McKittrick the brAss Monkey for not knowing what to say only when there is paper before you
To Mike Obeiter, Obiwann, for being in love with Aditi
To Lil for the cow despite that what happened
To Joanna Staebler for poking and kamikaze gerbils
To Jen Ying for being the only one to fall in love with 'another loving parent'
To Oki for Katie, removing me from Liz (or trying to) and being a closet strait
To Jasmin Serim for the wisdom of knish and playwriting jokes
To Jomei Liao remember times with Reza and all my animals
To Leo Hochberg though no one believes I know you. For being the only Amish hick and getting all the women to fall for you
To Greg Olszewski for proving things change if they change
To Jen Chen for remembering
To Gregory Shilling for Mao
To Aileen Wu for telling me I stand like a ballerina, your magic purple catapiller, And swing. And I'd never forget you over the summer
To Kiki Cocker for reunions and Chinese food
To Anna Wilson for those times out front of Kline
To Paige Zeller, for elbow sex, the laundry room and library and the times therein. For informing others of the everyday spork. I shall always remember that last week and as I look back to CTY you will always hold a special place in my mind and heart. You never were much of one for the mushy stuff. Thank you for making me special, French kiss
To Marisa Bass despite all the Scott stuff. hand massages are free anytime
To Bill the TA for volleyball though I left by the time you set it up
To Jade Miller though you didn't come back you did in spirit
To Zine, Katie'll give you 777s even if your keychain broke and for all the damn-spiffy-eggplant-helluv-mad-phat-bombass-shit-bitch times. I shall always support you and your poetry readings
To Jackie Bodine, everyone told me to avoid you, though I don't know why. I'm glad I didn't, and though we didn't meet sooner I shall never forget you nor our last dance
To Sara 'Scully' Metzger, for gateway, swing and a wonderful third year. But more so for notes and warm fuzzies. For the time we did spend this last year. I shall most certainly never forget the last dance when we hugged and cried, and thank you for not pulling away. I guess somewhere deep down I always knew, but I thought I knew I didn't. After all we've done at CTY and in reunions this doesn't seem all too long a toast. But then there are things words could never say, and things that could never be explained. Despite what might have been what was was great, and I would still stay forever young with you
To Jennifer Liu for burning pennies
To Eryka Lefrak for all the advice with Paige, Jackie, and Sara. Though we didn't keep the best of touch you did much and one day the matchmakers match will be made
To Smurf 'nice shoes wanna fuck?' damn-spiffy... whatnot and all and for closing the Talent Show
To Elley Strehl York is better than New York any day, well at least we had good times. 'hell yes Elley S'
To Mari Kila for swing. Come now you told me to kiss your patch
To Scott Selikoff for the CD and lemmings 3d all night. You'll never top the famed weekend though you're welcome to try. And it may have always been the Drakar though I prefer to believe otherwise
To Alice Esteves for biting my tummy and all the damn-spiffy...
To Alley Hector for all the innocent origins and appreciating the punk in greasy-looking hair. And expecially for being there and for a shoulder to cry on
To Jenny Getting and all the couching and whatnot
To Xia, for math modeling, infinitely infinite, the goat and hickory sticks, pizza during the flood, !yes!, reunion subway trips, birthday parties, football games, all all that other shiznit we've done
To Kim for being there and being the last to sign, Katie(my horsy) says she's sorry for always strangling you
To Kelly 'Keroppi' for the marriage booth, keroppi shirts and generally kicking adz. About the stuff with Sarah T, or actually lack there of, you got a raw deal- CTY knows not what they lost
To Jane as you wander around I'll keep one ticket just for you
To Katie Thompson for volleyball and chasing soccerballs in Kline
To Meaghan for taking me to the hospital, and being your first hospital trip buddy
To Lara Margolis since you were one of the first I met that year we should've gotten to know each other better
To Sarianna Sabbarese, for tabricating and table warp and all the poetry. For all the talks we've had over e-mail and the times we've still yet to have. For being a soulmate, and for running away with me whenever I need
To Andrew Townie Grrr for commuting to Carlisle and the mad phat guitar and general spiffiness. 'we're here, we're queer, and who's got the beer?'
To Amanda for time warping and dancing for the slow dances. For spiffy pants and Dead Poets Society, I will always be your teddy bear and if you change I'll be there
To Nick Hudac for being the punk I never was
To Dave Rand, for being from Ithaca but more importantly for knowing me as the laundry room kid and the bass kid though never knowing me. For all the sleepovers and banging on the walls, and 'wish you were here' though we didn't get in. And for the poetry reading song, crossdressing Tuesday and having the better skirt I eventually wore, SODOMY, the goat says to 'crank it up fuckers', pizza during the flood, roasting marshmallows, mylar forever. You were more to me than you ever knew, and you didn't let it change you.
To Catherine Waggoner for keeping Liz's hickies in check
To Jeff Morrow for not being sexy but loving lentil loaf and lepers anyway
To Blair Brogan for also keeping Liz's hickies in check and hoping I'm male. And I am sorry about your flashing bra, though it was fun.
To Liz Angellla-Brem Innus Wriggly-Field, for every moment of this past year and reconsidering. And for walking you home, loving my hands, being tangled in a heap in the quad 3 lounge, hickies, setting up the Oki picture, 'nice shoes wanna fuck?', hair dye, table warp and tabricating, can I warp your wood?, trying to turn Marc Schul inside out, making sense when I don't, even though you really don't make sense, needing Mao interpreted, nevertheless trying to fit my entire horse in your mouth, trying to be me on dress-up day, helping to overthrow the lipstick dictatorship, green m&ms... melting, bubble wrap, tickle noises, getting me kicked out of your class repeatedly, <raise eyebrow><scrunch nose><fish face><stick out tongue>, letting me ruin Blair's flashing bra, being carefully edited out of every yearbook picture, proving indeed one CAN be soapy and grungie simultaneously, closing ceremonies in ATS, and every other special moment. No matter what becomes of us you shall always hold a special piece of my heart. You are perchance the best thing to happen to me, and I shall never forget a moment of our times. I love you forever always
To Beth Goldstein and Zinnia and others for whom I tie dyed various articles of underwear
To Zinnia for being at Xia's birthday party and having a school like a soap opera
To Nell for being there for me with Katie and this last year. Sorry I didn't call first night home, I'll call tonight
To Dan Wagner though admittedly I wasn't fond of you at first.
To Guinivere for the flaming red hair and the greatest Magenta, despite your meddling you were still special.
To Rebecca Froom, though I never knew you at CTY, I heard of you, but nothing I heard could prepare me for the wonder of your presance. You've been so much more for me and I've let you get so much closer than I ever thought could happen. For all the poetry and listening to mine, for all the late nights, and prom, and not leaving me just because you went home. For everything we've done and for just being you and understanding, I love you.
To swing dancing in the fountain at LOVE park, many joys and frostbitten toes.
To L, I never knew you either, but with all the ICQ and calling my mailings a newsletter, thank you.
To Carlisle's individually paced precal. '94 and '95, biology and chemistry '96, and adv. math modeling '97 and their teachers, TAs, and all my classmates. Perhaps not in the most memorable way, but you made CTY what it was and without you all I'm sure my bestist memories would nare have come
To couching and your memory, as well as all those who at one time decided hang out on the couches in the HUB. These places birthed for me memories of rantings, the 'z chromosome' revolution, meeting Lizzie, friends, Sarah T and Old Chevie, the times we danced in the HUB, and too many more to remember
To the tablewarp and tabricating perchance one can not explain this time, and though you never did become an activity, nor did the table come into my possession you brought me Liz and Sarianna together and led to Liz's inevitable discovery of soapy-grungieness. To whoever left the All in quad 9 we'll pay you back, someday
If indeed one can toast a day:: To crossdressing Tuesday and every male willing to wear a skirt or more, not to mention all the unoffended women, and of course Dan for revealing the lipstick dictatorship, as well as Liz and her numerous signs, Dave for letting me wear his better skirt, and even Marc Schul for inspiring you to becoming more than just another Tuesday
To the guy at Papa Johns who delivered our pizza to quad 10 despite the flood, we probably should've tipped you more
To fitting 27+ people at the large round tables and the HUB workers who didn't care and let us have our moment on the last day, so no one could move let alone eat or even take pictures we'll always remember
To tea cooler and all the riots you caused, those who were willing to drink you received the wonderful feeling of nausea and melting
To the Time Warp and to Sarah T, Guin, Hudac, Amamanda, Xia, Pierre, Grrr, Eliza, Aime, Jeff, Elley, Smurf, Charlene, Lisa, Alex, Molly, Alley and everyone else in the crew for braving to be taken out by the locals and arranging the dance
To all those I gave roses to you know who you are, some kept theirs in coke bottles, some dried them for their memory book. Every rose I gave was for at least one special moment with you I'll never forget, and every one of you made me who I am or at least helped me find who I am. I love all of you and to me you are CTY
To CTY and everything it has done for me. For changing my life, my first girlfriend, my first kiss, and my first good friends. For stairway, American pie, and forever young, and for the dances and all the women I danced with, getting poetry published, inside jokes, and finding people who care. For all you are and were and everyone therein, and all the innumerable memories, and songs, and dances, and pictures. For roses and everything you taught me. For telling me I could change the world and showing me how. For teaching me what love is and more importantly how to, thank you. For marriages and sideshows, and 'oy!' and tears. And for showing me the world, or how it could be. There is simply too much to say, too many good times and friends. Too much joy and too many memories. One may think you were just a little too much, I thought you were just enough. And this year, my Nomore year, I see perhaps it wasn't enough. They say 'all good things must end', I guess the best just end a little sooner. But to all the Nomores this year and those who've gone before me, to those who'll return next year and those after them: CTY is a magical place, the last from a time of enchantment. You never know what you have until its gone, but I bet you know like I that it is special. Times change and CTY too like all things, but you will forever be the world of magic and love. If somehow that is lost, in at least our hearts you will live on. CTY, you have made us forever young.
To Eliza for encouraging us to stay cool and the zoo reunions. And for your inspiration and love. There are people who know exactly what to say, and when not to. Who can cheer you when you're down, and help you when sadder, who are always there to tell your life to or give a shoulder to cry on. There are certain people who bring out the best in us and ignore the rest. You are the kind of friend we all wish for and too few of us find. Some of us save the best for last, I know my years at CTY are such; I knew you only for this last year, but you make the last the best.

--Nick Thornton

To Adam Glassman, for everything . . . friendship, roommatedom, letting me read your book about comics, and most of all starting me down the road to personness.
To Walter, for Chinchillas.
To Heather and Laura War, for talking to a preprefrosh (and Heather specifically, for knowing who the major general was and telling me to take THEO)
To Molly Jones. I don't know if you'll ever actually see this, but for what it's worth, you helped me deal with myself, and I'm sorry if I hurt you.
To Fook and Lunk, for hugs, lebts, and understanding.
To Pomm and Timmer, for the psychadelic inbred Fibbonaci Alphrabbitpotatos.
To THEO, digiclan, LLRT, HCHP*L*C, llamas, everyone, for everything.
To Infinite Numbers, Marks, Stina and Matt (oh yeah, to the National Plumbers), compilers, Sorting out Sorts, and cats with bills, feathers, and webbed feet who go quack.
To the Octagon - we made it, that's what counts, right?
To Stand by Me, and Blister in the Sun to boot.
To the command staff (couting), and the three Lieutenants.
To Mannie and Mike, Bolo before class, and low priority metal sporks.
To Haz and Astrogirl, Judy, Carmen (and stealing her heart), watch beeps, and the time machine.
To dead roses, broken ankles, and grassbound philosophy.
To Beth, VCR, "Have you got the 'ab-flex?'", Voltron, and "R-S-T-U . . . Up Yours!"
To bathrobes, and teacher written odes thereto.
To Chi-An, Shut Up Please, and thinking I'd make a half-decent TA.
To Stina, B5, and thinking I'd make a half-decent TA.
To Louis, for having the best masochistic room we'll ever have.
To Lanyard man, for being Nick.
To Eisenberg, for improv, flirting with cross-dressers, tolerating loudness, and taking on Cynamon.
To Mommy, for being there (and being Mommy).
To the S:tM crew for vampires, craziness, and epic politicking.
To Tarpy, for everything you were, for your dress, and for your love. We'll miss you more than anything.
To Kim, for being my companion, thinking as I do, sharing three classes, corrupting me, and being my original IPRO lab partner.
To Christine, for everything, mostly understanding and caring. After everything we've been through (and I've put you through, for which I'm truely sorry) that we're still friends is a miracle; for everything that has let us stay such.
To Meghan, for your care, love, smile, humor, and everything else you must know by now. Mer.
To Forever Young and AmPie, and we all know why.
To the place of my birth as a person, CTY.

--Dennis Clark

To those who help me stand, when I didn't have the strength.
To those who said they wouldn't cry, and did.
To those who wanted to cry, and couldn't.
And my infamous 3 things that Would never be toasted:
To getting Juice spilled on you, and running across the circle.
To Pain, the only thing that truly changes a person.
And, finally, to Folkian.
(A few moments after I made the last toast, Mike Mishkin toasted Folkian to prove me wrong.)

--Trekkie Techie Jeff Bernath

To the "Ultimate Biogirls". You were a great floor to hang out with. Never forget, "I feel too tall" and "Mother of A..."
To Justin Brill it was a roller coaster three weeks but we hung on and it finally worked out.
To Tracy Park and Melody Chen don't forget the need for shower buddies in the presence of our Bio table mate
To Chrissie Moon I am glad I took your advice about "Dagger Boy". You were right in the end.
To Dan Jiang and Jordan Heimer the 7:30 breakfasts and Underground morning study
To Dan Jiang, Alex Yu, and Jordan Heimer the bruises of my anger
To Alex Yu the mad tickler
To Eric Bogin, Big Ben, Alyssa Simon, Alex Berke, Kristi, Andrew, and Carrie and hanging out by Quad 2
To the Bio class a hilarious three weeks.
To Dickinson for supplying the soucs of rina jokes
To Tracy for animae and Bill discussons
To Melody for our crying party
To Jon, Dan, Bill, Avi, Jordan, and the rest of the Frisbee Boys ya'll were great to hang out with
To Dave Katz the biggest flirt I know Waiting outside for the genetics and bio teachers
To Elana Bonafacio for the Library Adventures.
To my roommate Anne Chiao and her fear of bugs whose butts light up
To Meghan Smith for her superior intellience
To Laura Dichtel the swimming machine
To Eric Bogin for the last week of '97 session 1
To my awesome RA Heather for bein so cool about lights out
To Alyssa for soccer and volleyball
To everyone in Malcom for living in the hellhole while Quads 1&2 had it so plush.
To everyone returning to CTY Carlisle 1 I'll be there

-Rachel Armentrout

To Nell, my sister, for late-night philosophies and amputated eyes.
To Tonia, for taking care of me, for Pringles, and for looking like a girl.
To Okey, my husband, for cheese and magoes, and for family.
To Matt, for nose-licking, and for Lady Wysquaqua.
To L... for everything.
To Jeff, I love you, I hate you, I will always be your friend... whether you like it or not.
To Guinevere, for pushing me off the bed.
To Stephanie Bonner, for letters and last names.
To sarah t, for naps on the sofa.
To Travis, for rides on the T and mind-reading parasites.
To Aime Celeste, for cow-tipping and esteem points.
To Wolfgang, for music, for friendship, and for putting up with me... No one could have done it as grudgingly as you did.
To David Rosen, for Janis.
To Rebrecca, for Frisbee.
To Elley, for beauty.
To Zine, for cousins.
To Jane, for toasters.
To Mike, for one-night stands.
To Moses, for wet chests and stairways.
To Max, for yurts.
To Hitler Youth, for fertility.
To Tina, for being my toothbrush buddy.
To Joanna, for poking me.
To Liz, for partners in exNickness, and the world's best answering machine.
To the Inverted Word Order Pencilrina.
To Gandhi, Guinea, and "Dan".
To Nick, for showing me what I didn't want.
And to Rachel... for showing me what I did.
I don't love the Passionfruit.
But I love the people.

--Katie Davenport

To Bob (El Ficitone!, our Glorious Leader)- For being: The world's best instructor,(one hell of a writer to boot), crazy, wild, off the cuff; and most of all, I learned it at the knee of the master.
To Greg O- Crooked Edge! Garageland... the one and only 420's and the world's BEST cover of "anarchy in the u.k.", and finally, the world's worst dye job, couresty of me.
To Alex S.- For being so damn funny, the 80's hardcore albums, the funk, and the hours of entertainment regarding smegma, the sight of me clad in only a towel, and of course, the legendary Jizz mopper(tm).
To Travis- For being the coolest suitemate (tied w/ the aforementioned alex), a sexy hunk of flesh, the computerized stereo, happy rave, and of course, just being travis. Rock on Compadre.
To punk rock, folk, sex and politics- otherwise, I'd have nothing to do.
To 'Reena's- for fueling my kinky sexy fantasies. And of course, being stuck-up prudish bitches, but I digress.
To Jeff Morrow- for being the personification of sex appeal, guitar picks, that ballsy bathrobe, and of course, not throwing me out of your room on those late friday/early saturday mornings.
To Pierre- Viva la Leviathan!?
To makeup- for helping me appear semi-attractive for a brief moment in time.
To everyone who attempted to nurse my shot vocal cords back to health before the talent show, even though I never got my voice back 'till three weeks later.
To Dave Rosen- for nappy ponytails, chest hair like a shag rug, Screeching Weasel, leting me be an asshole, and for various other qualities which look very boring on paper.
To Sara Dempsey- for, well, you know....
To the cast of Rocky Horror '97, Session 2- Banned from high street for our own good... Nothin' else need be said.
To HUB workers everywhere-for the worst food this side of a Kathie Lee Gifford sweatshop.
To Galen White- for being the coolest Dean of Residential life, possessing the most preppy aura, letting me chase you around during the 1st session 1996 talent show, and whatnot.
To Dave Rippley- for letting me tag along during those days of music theory.
To Dan Wagner- for letting me hug you violently, and the lowest purity test without actually participating in a Roman orgy.
To everyone who put up with my ranting, foaming at the mouth, horniness, and bizzare personal habits.
To spikey hair that repels water
To George Kroup- the late-nite "meetings" in the bathroom, Hardcore, soccer, a sympathetic ear, the lithuanian nitemare, and being (without a doubt) the best looking of the "four ugly men in drag"
To Fiction alumni- for all the great criticism, tips, putting up with my feeble attempts at humor, and all around rockingness.
To Jane Tseng- Tag! Yer it! How much to take me home?
To Smurf- What can I say
To Molly McD- [the following tale of kinky politics and sexual payola has been censored to prevent the lowering of purity test scores- the N.S. fuckin' A.]
To the Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch- for inspiring a sexual deviation that gives us hours of entertainment, jokes, and bondage trousers.
To Jane Datillo- For being the sweetest person I've ever met.
To Leyland- for allowing us to corrupt your innocent little brain.
To all my hallmates, ever- 3 things: Hall bondage, Hall beatings, and Sexual inneundo
To Townie Andrew- PUNK ROCK!!! anti-flag, pogoing, american pie, cheap guitars and cheaper amps, bondage up yours and Rocky Horror, the Ukranian Eunuch.
To Matt Korahaias- SCABIES, improv, the talent show, saving us from the grasp of crooked, small hicktown mall security everywhere.
To Sarah T- Little Sista, the BEST riff raff ever, those heart-to-hearts, sobriety, the 7 a.m. breakfasts, pushing the envelope, spiking my hair, the countless inside jokes, hair dye, laughing at me, stairway, helping me play with people's minds, the $5 leather jacket, and everything else cty and otherwise.
And how I want to have consentual anal sex with the passion fruit.

--Nick Hudac

To read Aaron Pendergrass's Passionfruit toast, Click Here
To those cheese enchiladas in the HUB. They were damn good.
I love the online passionfruit.

--Soumik Pal

To Megan and her doodles, Susan, Brelyn, Lisa, and AC for being Fab Friends,
To Kathryne for lauhging at my really dumb jokes,
and To Meghan F, Amy, and all you other great people!


To Hank Daugherty--For being my devoted boyfriend for 3 CTYs in a row
To Ciara O'Neill--For being my first really cool CTY friend (and introducing me to Salt and Vinegar chips)
To Naomi Hunt--For being my best friend since 5th grade
To Nick Dillen--Wherever you may be, you were my first real friend who was a guy.
To Rachel A. Smolowitz--My best RA ever -- Go PHISH!
To CTY--The happiest place on earth...

--Chan Sue Yee Joanna

Becky- for being my 1st CTY roommate, cleaning my messy des, listening to me blast the radio 24/7, having the changing closet, use of her phone, always opening the door, being a terrific friend.
Diane- For being my like 2nd roommate because she was always in our room (that's not a bad thing), for stalking with me, having Alex L. like her, helping me finish off my food supply, being aan awesome friend
Jill- For being the best RA in the world, being a great listener, a great info getter, letting ups bother her about John and Matt
Kris- For the accessablity of his phone number and for dissing me so bad at thet last dance
Kathy B.- For being one of my best CTY friendss, letting me babble on and on about "my boyz", coming over to my room to talk all the time, helping finish my candy suply, the wonderful sleep overs
Molly- For being a very creative person, a great writere, the sleepovers, dancing w/ the invisible man
Ashley- For reporting Dylan and Kris's doings to me, being an awesome friend, the sign on the window, asking Kris quesiton
Dylan- For being so cute, for being so scared of me, being so immature
Sara- For beind so brave, for always willing to talk to guys for me, listening to me, and my preppy tennis racquet which was actually Lis's
Liz E.- For letting me borrow her racquete so I could look preppy, for that super game of Truth or Dare, being a great friend
Nishi- for trying to get me to give Kris a candy, making me talking to Kris, for loving the Prep, writing that funny essay about Alex L., being a terrific friend, playing frisbee w/ the guys so she could check out Josh
Alex H.- For being so funny 24/7, for having all the guys like her, playing frisbee and soccer, being in my class, being an excellent friend
Nora- For being the first person to write to me, for calling every day after she left the first week, telling me about Dylan's lacrosse skills, being a wonderful friend
Robbie- for dancing with me at the last dance even thoug hI didn't even know who he was
Katy O.- For the very creative "GOOBERS" for being a hyper little girl, for being a great debater
Christine- For going out with Scott, being so nice, being tall, having a three person room
Pooja- for being a "boy", doing the talent show dance, being a great friend
Caroline- living in C-Ville, being in the 3 person room, having that wierd picture of Alex H., being so nice
Kait- for that great sleepover where we all stayed up all night talking, introducing me to Philadelphi terms, that Kris dare which made me meet him in the first place, the creative idea of throwing the AC out the window, the ode to the tortilla or enchilada or whatever
Rachel- for being from LA and teh funny talent show performance
Mike- for being the marinated chicken boy
Craig- for liking Alex H. and hating Macs
Tobin- For liking me even though I totally disliked him
Donnie-f for being Katy B.'s guy
Mayur- for the awesome sunflasses and being Nishi's guy
Mary- for being a Grease freak and dancing w/ Birdman
Holly- for being the evil angel
Bobwalkers- for being so strange and making up that annoying song
Sorry if I forgot you.


To AOL, for keeping me in touch with the....let me count....well, countless amazing people that I met at CTY.
To IAAY, for having the CTY program, that has changed, and will change, the lives of you and me
To the divas....all five of us, and the amazing things that we have done
To Angela, for making me smell your perfume the second day, and forcing me to "chat"'ve made my life better. For your killer hat and your clarinet music. For deep and shallow conversations
To katie, for making me think, and making me feel, and making me not be such a jerk. For that amazing tree that said....**** it, I'm gonna be different.....and for not liking people just so I could. Also, for the deep and shallow conversations.
To Michelle, even though you were not a resident. you are still cool, I promise. for the list of 202 things you look for in a man.....I've started one of my own
To Dan. For discussions on urinal ettiquet, and for always reminding me that you are jewish. For knowing all the words to American Pie, and for pointing out the sexual references in Crash....that song still makes me cry.
To Logan. For swing dancing and huggles. "Superman lives, Batman dies".....that will never stop being funny
To Richard. For the amazing way you sang Iris, and that freaking mini disc player. You do have a cute grandma
To Katie's dad. For entemanns soft baked chewy cookies that kept us up long into the night.
To Stefanie and Rachel, the two best next door neighbors a kid could ever have. Thanks for the Spice Girls, froot by the foots, sleepovers, and flashing the drunk pre-college boys
To Heather. Sorry I never payed you back
To all the people I borrowed money from that I never payed back. I'm working on it
To Dr. Raverty. For making me hate impressionism, love dadaism, and for the great evaluation. For never making us take tests, and for the great haiti exhibit. Thanks for the ginger ale
To Li-lin, for being the cutest TA in the whole wide world
To anyone who has ever been smarter than their teacher, I know the feeling.
To CTYers past present and future. Keep on truckin'. You've got a groovy thing goin'.

--Rachel, diva #3

To Carrie, Eric, Andrew, Mike, Nick, Dylan, Annie, Alex B, Alyssa, Evelyn, Amanda, Rob, Honey Rob, Amy RA, Rick RA, Allie P, Elena, Emily, Christie, Alex Yu, Liz Long, Ashley, THE BENS, Jason, Kevin, Abra, Sarah, and so many other people that I can't even begin to name. You have taught me so much.
I love the Passionfruit


To CTY where I discovered everything I know of the person I am and the one I want to be. Thank you.
To Dickinson College for providing us all with the coolest site on the planet.
To the rinas, sheriffs, and the soccer players of 97 which provided me with countless hours of HUB time entertainment.
To couching.
To crosswalks.
To the library field--may it live on in our hearts.
To White Mountain and the HUB donut bar for ensuring I gained weight every summer.
To Stephanie for introducing me to the Beatles and field hockey.
To Youlim for giving me my favorite quote on goodbyes.
To Lee for never needing jolt and always brightening up that first real year.
To Leslie for sticking with me the longest (4 years)
To Casey and Rachel for sticking with me the secong longest (3 years)
To Mr. T for teaching me why never to take a science course.
To surprises "Just Around the Riverbend".
To Quad 4 Floor 1 who I formed tighter bonds with than I could have with glue--"This is a pen, a what, a pen..." you know the rest.
To Nina for giving me the best advice and having the hottest TA.
To my Lancaster adopted family:George for looking so damn sexy all the time, waking me up during library snooze seshes, and being a great hugger; Reston who, like, is such a J Crew model and, well, whatever; Allison for making Wednesdays special days; and Lauren who I'm so glad I became so close with this year because of her guitar, eyebrows, and sweet personality. Whatever made you come, it made my last years all the better and I toast that too.
To Nancy for being there for me all those times guys made me cry and sparkles with beauty no matter what she'll tell you.
To Mark for his tasteless bullshit that made Kline enjoyable.
To John for dramatic poetry and putting up with my brutal nails
To Adam for giving me the tears I needed to balance out the joy.
To Alex for being such a talented cutie.
To Charlie and his beret for providing countless hours of breakfast time humor.
To Alex for looking so damn good in vinyl.
To the Writing 1C class of Carlisle 96. You all were amazing--it was the class of a lifetime.
To Dave and Joy for leading us all and being instructors extroidinaire.
To Dan's moose.
To Bosler 313, my home for 3 whole years.
To the Nasty Girl.
To Angela and firelies which will be forever connected in my mind.
To Mike who's such a sweetheart all the time.
To Young-Su for being the touchiest guy I know.
To Dan for writing amazing essays, leading the 97 censorship campaign, being a rockin' MC, and my first and last emperor.
To Eugene for having the sweetest moves and always swinging with me on Friday nights.
To Darlene for scoping out the games with me every morning.
To Tara for being such a "sapce baby".
To Tina for having a heart of gold.
To Pooja S. for awakening our hall with her thumping feet.
To Jill for rocking Charleroi with funk and style.
To her fingernails.
To Pooja M. and Janet for being my partners in ultimate Beatles obsession.
To Emily for eating that beef enchilada.
To Andrew for naming his child after me.
To Alice, Zine, and Laura, the three amigas and my three wives, who also served as the heart of Ensemble and are some of the most fantastic actresses I have ever encountered.
To Jack for MCing Ensemble with me and not being able to stay in one place for more than one minute.
To Charles for being such a stud.
To Katie for being the best roommate I could ever imagine, who shared my fear of the beeping phone and the glowing words and was the first to realize that at certain times of the night you can spot the hot RA declining the stairs for late night meetings. Which leads me to...
Raf. The aformentioned hot RA. Thank you thank you thank you. You don't know.
To Dave the other hot RA.
To Fred for his lip synchs, Sesame Street techno mix, and overall flamboyant style. You were the funny bone of Camp Carlisle.
To Galen. What can I say, we missed you more than you could know this year.
To Marc Schul. I don't know why, but I had to say it.
To Liz, the best RA I ever had.
To Ankur for teaching me everything I ever didn't want to know about controlled substances.
To Pete for that second week.
To Soo-Jean for providing camp with all the perfection it could ever desire.
To Elizabeth for being a great baby s and a great friend.
To Elena, the only freshman I like. To beastiality, the war cry of Quad 2 Floor 1.
To Sprite contests.
To Sara D. who taught me that time doesn't make friends close at all, love does.
To Virgin Mary night lights and leopard print underware everywhere.
To Ralph the orange dinosaur.
To lounge dance parties.
To Jane T, who turns into the cutest little homemaker in the kitchen.
To Jane D for snagging a total babe.
To Eunice who made me feel like a bad girl whenever I was with her and I loved every minute of it.
To Jamey who was the sweetest slut and by keeping in mind my heart made my last week so memorable.
To CTY soccer.
To Team Three volleyball (You all know what our true name was)
To Sarah Bruns for being so cute during her crisises and shared so many talks with me.
To all those who stressed out to make me a no-more shirt.
To Julie for sharing my love of the midshipment.
To January, Susan, and Kerry for being part of my Quad 1 family.
To Clay for taking a beating from the townies and looking damn good in a robe.
To my one and only emperor and empress.
To Kline weight room for making my boys buff.
To the first few chords of "Stairway to Heaven".
To Elley--who, while I never spoke to her, for 3 years has been to me the epitome of CTY.
Lastly, to Tim who taught me everything I know about sarcasm, South Park, and true friendship on that last night. I miss more you everyday.
I love CTY.
And I love the passion fruit.

--Caroline Glendenning

To the institution of CTY itself...(i think so, Liz)
To Mark Schuhl...
To all of you for teaching me that it was okay for the sun to keep on setting. I love you...I can't even begin. Pass the sugar, pinch of coffee...
To the Internet, for letting me keep in touch with everyone.
I love the passionfruit.


To Elena- for being an awesome roommate. No, really.
To Jamey- for being a SLUTTY BITCH and for being cool.
To Kerry- for being sweet.
To Magda-for putting up with me. Well, sorta.
To INTRO TO HISTORY- For being a great class. Even if we were a bit messed up.
To Kirsten- For being an eggroll.
To Ferdy- For being completely wrong about communism.
To John- For putting up with your hall and me and for being awesome.
To Grace- For being an awesome roommate at baby CTY. Your radiating smile is giving me a tan.
To Nancy- For being my future RA.
To Jess- For reviving the funky chicken and the whole toothbrush thing.
To Michelle- For being extra flirty.
To Danielle- For being a good friend.
To Beth- For dealing with my annoying ways and my endless emails.
To Claire and Stella- For being really weird.
To BACO- because we kicked your bass and had a shell of a time.
To the wisdom stick- for its endless wisdom.
To Quad 1- for having a kitchen.
To HUB workers everywhere- for serving us that delicious food.
To Catherine- For her cactus shirt and for learning about the Hess truck.
To chocolate cookies- for keeping me alive for 3 weeks.
To Liz Wrigley Field- For having an awesome last name and for being who she is.
To Soo-Jean - For being perfect and for Korean music.
To Kira- For actually writing.
To extra long breaks.
To all the people who made my sperm year awesome.
To Carlyle.
To all CTYers.
I love CTY.
I love the passion fruit.

--Lisa Carey (the walls are shaking!!!)

To Carlisle, for having such a great site.
To Dickinson, for participating in CTY.
To Townies, for always providing amusement.
To Rinas, Sheriffs, and Soccer Players, for making HUB food seem more edible.
To Ida Chen, Jessica Larsen, Dylan Klein, Becca Safely-for coming back and kicking ass, just like I remembered.
To the once great Library field, we will always remember you.
To Patrice Green, for telling me to take my medicine and always having a story to tell.
To Lauren Harris, for being so funny, and making my sperm year so much better.
To Merih Baird, for being such an awesome letter writer! And so adorable!
To Joanne Lai, for being innocent.
To Smints, Lemon ones, for being so great and addictive.
To Boyd White, for being a great instructor.
To Don Concklin and Jenn da TA, for making the class more exciting.
To Ultimate Frisbee, no matter how much I hate it.
To Baseball Hats, no matter what kind.
To Bosler, for starting 15 minutes early.
To Denny, for always being 20 degrees colder inside than outside.
To Kris Liu, for always having X-Files info and teacups.
To Helen Drysdale, for creating some great quotes and always dancing.
To Adrienne Miao, for what else... YO ADRIENNE!
To Kamila Lis, for being there for me, through everything. Being a greatwriter and a great editor, for having a different taste in music, for being there with me from the very beginning, for being naive, for keys and missing twice, for living in Long Island, for her great belt, her long hair, her raising eyebrows, her innocence, and well, for having a great sense of humor and a great taste in doughnuts.
To Gianna Barbera, OH MY! For always having something interesting to say and giving great advice, being a great flirter, and those great comments to Don.
To Ru Talati, for being a great gal pal, being oh so cute, being far less innocent then she appears, and having a great sense of humor.
To Eliza, Jeff Morrow, Guinevere, and saraht., for being four awesome nomores, who always found time to talk to the lowly second year. Also, for their originality, sense of humor, great stories, and great web pages!
To Cheese Whiz, for always giving me a great laugh.
To Kaliq Chang, for being un queso grande.
To Alex Yu, for having a great hat, a cheesy pair of shoes, for tracing a cover that is so cheesy it should come out of a can, for being a spaz, for never completely paying attention, and did I mention the GREAT hat?
To Kankshi, for being a great person to talk to.
To Jackson, for being a great dancer and showing off, for making me follow you around in my sperm year, for being a no more, for making me laugh at any time, and making me feel better, and for bragging about Choate and trying to get me to go.
To "The Ultimate Bio-Girls," for being able to catch, and being great people to hang out with.
To Dave Katz, for being a great flirter, dancer, and person to chat with. And for always being online.
To all the other ultimate players, for being funny.
To the Little, Little, Dylans of the world, for always providing a laugh.
To Beavis and Butt-head ( Nick and Ian ), for trying to be so cool but never actually succeeding.
To L, for having one letter for a name, and always TRYING to beat me in ratscrew.
To Lara, for being there for a great two sessions, for playing the guitar, and bull-shit, for always being broke, and for being a great person to talk to, and cry with, and laugh with, and just being with.
To playing evolution, for keeping people entertained, and driving others nuts.
To Quad 5, Floor 2, Car.1 '97 for always being different and original.
To Green M&Ms.
To Quad 1, Floor 1, Car.2 '97 for being oh so spicy!!
To Zine, for being a great emperoress, having awesome hair, awesome eyes being a great older sister, being depressed over first session with me, and for having great taste in guys.
To Jenn Yeung for what else-- flirting!!
To Dawn, Beth, and Zinnia for being three great people to talk to and be friends with. And for having great, yet sick, senses of humor.
To Zine, Zinnia, Xia, and Xari, for being true princesses at heart.
To Ankur, for being tall, and having great hair.
To Peter, for being my big brother, playing girls, and being sick.
To Dilly, for crying with me on the last night.
To LeeAnn, for providing great amusement.
To Grace for Kline, Kline, click.
To Kevin, for being my teddy bear.
To Mike Ellsworth, for making second session complete.
To John Powers, for being my pillow, and having great stories on AOL.
To Teddy, for sexual harassment.
To Soo-Jean Kim, for being perfect, having great clothes, dress-up day, and being so very pure and innocent.
To Susan, for being pure, never winning in those free sprites, for havinghorrible handwriting, and for taking an eternity to write back!
To Kerry, for being so sweet, and having a great personality. For being someone I could talk to, to being shy and quiet, for never understanding in class, and for getting AOL.
To Lisa, who sees the walls shaking, who I slowly made less na€ve, for getting "sick," bothering Magda, talking through the night, bahs and phšs,listening to me, getting scared, bunk beds, and so much more!
To Jamey, for further corrupting me. For being a great gal pal, and someone I can talk to about anything, especiallyÉ guys!
To Nancy, for taking showers, and bees, and being oh so cute!
To Caroline, for living online. For always talking to me, even though I am a lowly froshie.
To Liz W-F, for drinking "soup," and pulling Neckers. For dying hair, always having something to say, never understanding in class, and hickeys.
To Blair, for always saying "Sup bitch?" and talking about the shore.
To Jon, for being oh so ticklish and those six weeks.
To Aasta, for having a name that rhymes with pasta, for being depressed with me over first session, for being oh so cool, for being pure, for playettes, for dancing, and always being the center of attention.
To Surge, do I need to say any more?
To those last few notes of Stairway, the choruses of American Pie, and to the lyrics of Forever Young.
To the No-Mores of '96 and '97.
To all CTYers past, present, and future.
I love the passion fruit.

--Elena Bonifacio

The time has come, the walrus said, to toast to many things.
To L. Words do not, and never will, describe what you've done and what you mean. Thank you.
To Jeff. You're a good man. And you give good advice. I should listen to it more often, while there is still time.
To Steph. To second chances, moving on, and doing things right from now on.
To Lara. May things finally work out.
To SarahT. You've always been there, somewhat distantly, but always ready to help when needed. That means a lot.
To Travis-Jason. You were there when no one else was and when I needed someone the most.
And finally, and most importantly, to Carlyle, and to the hopes that someday, somewhere, all of us might find it to be real after all.
I don't neceessarily love the Passionfruit, but I love what it means.

--Phil Sandifer

To Matt Weinstein, for being the pretzel-freaky fashion impaired Jewish cowboy that he is.
To NaHyun Cho for being an awesome roomie even though I was late.
To Mike Sofair for sending me overclam chowder messages after improv.
To Shawn Leventhal for being short and funny
To Howie Magdel for being the tall guy with a nose. We need to panhandle in the lower quads again!
To Kara Shamy-sham-shamster for being... um... Kara.
To Rachel Knickmeyer for having green hair with me. Love the combat boots, dearie!
To Steph Sam for being a paintball freak.
To Carmen for being a wonderful headfrog and introducing me to Judy Ellman.
To Judy Ellman for taking my suggestion that Carmen was a headfrog.
To Jacob Remes for being the Jewish Jesus.
To Robin Bose for being a wonderful guy all around and putting up with me.
To Wolfgang for being Wolfgang (nuthin else to say!)
To Kankshi for filling up my mailbox with wonderful... forwards.
To Molly McDowell for talking to me, for doing the talent show act with out her underwear, and for trusting me to remember Jonah. which I do.
To Nick Hudac for being the only guy to hock a loogie while saying his name. nd for loaning the dog collar. loved the spikes!
To ANNE MARTIN! for being such an awesome bad cat. poke. poke, poke, pokepokepoke.... we should have been roomies. come back! badagad tadagaste. learn to read music, babe.
To the other Molly, just because.
To Elley for being a cool ticklish person.
To Amshula for being Rachel's lover with me. You silly poked person you!
To Travis for being the only guy willing to wear a skirt with balloons...
To Sarah Tyler for having blue hair.
To Rob for... um... loaning me the hat. Your hair's the wrong color!
To Tom White for being cute and you don't have to ignore me at school, you know!
To Beth for all the cosmic bullshit I mean bulls.
To Anna Meek for being the awesomest teacher ever. hey, where'd all the chairs go?
To Alex Young-Anglem for giving me a Bill the Cat in my slightly-less-than-a-month book. Nasty habits, eh?
To Mike Leviton for spontaneously doing "sure thing" with me. Almost enough to make up for going to Ireland as a no more....
To Chanda, Chanda, Chanda! big slut little slut, all I need to say...
To Kat for being kat,
To Oakie for being the coolest west-virginian conservative christian fairy I know.
And last but not least, to the HUB frozen yogurt dispensers.

--Joanna Staebler

To Clinton, NY, Hamilton College, for being the site of my first year 95.
To Megan Lew for being really cool and even tho we dont talk that much anymore, I'll always remember how special you made my first year. "Under her hair, it's like normal!":D
To Aruna and Veena, you were the first pair of twins that I've ever met and I love you lots. Hope Livingston is treating you well...Wish that you could live with me in Bronxville with the cool punks over here:) You'd have a blast...
To My first RA, Tauren Hagans for being my first RA...
To everyone in my dorm (Kathy Liu, etc)
To Craig Webster, my first instructor To Lisa Eklund, my first TA
To Mike Hsieh, Laura Hovak, Eric Park, Yewade Ng, Chi Chi Ross and the rest of my class
To Ben Losovsky
To Neil Mukhopadhyay
To Ava Liberman
To Adam Grogg, for being my Billy Play Toy
To Matt Cost, may you, Aruna and I get to jam together some time again
To Anand and Amol Modi who still have my watch
To Aaron Rosenblum
To Rob Sinott for being very sweet
To Rich Roller for not letting me say Kill Me Pills (Kiss Me Phil:) )
To Carlisle, Dickison College for being the site of my second and third (final) years 96 and 97
To my first roommate, Sammi Crane for being really unique.
To Kara Shamy, for lots of love and sex:) You're awesome and we should never lose our bonding experience together, Indian strumpet.
To Grace Tai for being so sweet
To Howard Megdel for being funny
To Alicia Sacks for being so damn cool yo yo, I love you sweetie, stay in touch...You, Shalinee and I, Kline all the way
To Kirk Henderson for being a stud
To Duck Goodwin for being cool
To Tina Foltz, for being the greatest RA
To Steve Snibe for being cute
To my dear Robin for being my dear Bhaiya, even though he's almost forgotten about his didi and bon
To Jeremy Cooke for being sweet
To Dave Levitt for being sexy and for killer hand and back massages
To Meral Cultu for being Merill Lynch
To My Dear Irene Yoon for being Ireneeeeeeyyy!!!!!
To Alex Alogna for being a sexy little redhead
To Matt Weinstein for being cool...taking me to Morgantown and all that good stuff...
To a great teacher Teresa Donegan...I love you, i love psychology
To a great TA, Holly Olson To Alec Spiegelman for being sweet
To Janice for being one of my favorite hicks...I'll never forget our late at night conversations...
To Magda for making me stay in one Meet Market
To Sophie for being Hawaiian
To Jenny Azari for being so cute, sup bitch
To Shawn Leventhal for being as cute as Jenny
To Mike Obeiter for being sweet
To Jackson for playing volleyball with me and stuff. And making fun of me, and letting me be tough in his army jacket
To Abra for tuna, tampons and "bets"
To Raajen for being my little bro
To Soumik for being my bro and a stud at the same time
To Yotam for enlightening me on my status of only having one lung and one kidney because i'm so small that thats the only way i can still have all of my internal organs. and whats that about peanut butter?
To Stephanie Sam for being sweet! that first day in your room...i'll never forget it
To Phil Lam for fixing my earrings, being Stephy's boyfriend, and telling me to replace all the nasty white people in Pantene commercials
To Davy Jiang for being a big man-all dat with the chips and the dip...none of that sensual shit
To My Little Steve Lee...I truly love you my little boy
To Emily Steube for duct tape
To My Little Ed for being an oh so cute little Marxist!!! I love you
To Ru for being sweet
To Jeff Bishop for sending me jellybeans on my birthday....
To Gianna for being a shitload of fun
To Christie Schueler for sending me Sugar Sugar
To Elena for're great
To my dear Liz Wrigley Field...I love you honey...I miss you...
To Dave Katz for being a little bit of a stud muffin and stuff. for being at clinton with me..
To Shelly for being Xia
To Joanna for poking me
To Aasta and the rest of the Indian groupies for Banghra courtesy of Shivani (give it up)
To Dave Azari for the last dance
To Leo for a lot. For last year, March/April, and this summer...Yanni Rick Mortimer (-Penny [Penelope])
To My roommate Pooja for being so great, so much fun, and eating cheetos and ice cream, soda and everything with me. And let's not forget repeating the one significant thing that would happen to us over and over again...I miss you hun...
To kestrel my little're cute and me sometime. i want to get to know the real you To A Great Instructor, Jen Brown who taught me a lot
To a great Indian TA, Suparna
To Susan for good meaningful talk
To my didi, Shalinee...Bon loves you so very much...Kline...Love...everything...everyone...I love've completely been there for me in everything...I love you i love you i love you...Cant wait until can meet him probably even if he doesnt love me:( I love you, my beautiful didi...we had fun with kes
and ed and all...but you made more money than I...thats and walls dont mean much...sometimes they bring along trouble...thank you for teaching me and helping me, didi. I'll never miss visiting you again esp for a white boy. i love you i love you all...if i missed anyone I'm so sorry...i love you i love you i love you
AND I love Ze Passionfruit (oh yeah, a toast to Liz for being a great empress, although my virgin thing was lame! and a toast to Steph Bonner for making this online passionfruit possible)

-Akanksha (Kankshi) Thakur

To Lee Motayed- for being a wonderful great ass friend and being my SOULMATE!! (you know)
To the Psych Class of Car.1 '97- for putting up with Phil and me all during first session...and for looking for my ring and just being so great.
To Raj- one of my best buddies who I miss greatly.
To Kankshi- who's the best! she's such a sweetie.
To Joanna S.- for being sweet and nice and everything under the sun (poke poke)
To Jenna- who i had in my hall for the past 3 years and has been a wonderful friend.
To everyone I am forgetting- I am SORRY!! but I want you to know I love you
To Aasta and Eunice and Julia and Emily Walton and the rest of my Math Sequence Class- I love you! thanks for hanging.
To Jason (Jay) Levy- who's a cool kid and he's always always there for me to talk to..I love ya!
To Dave Jiang- who's a great guy and never fails to amuse me and Phil..who could never hate me no matter how hard he tries and stuff...who I just awesome.
To Phil Lam- the suave guy that I love..who I helped make the whole world puke because we were so darn cute..who's the best person just to be twin flame..who keeps me sane...whose last name rhymes with my last name...whose ever present quirks are just like mine..who is just soooooo adorable, lovable, cute, sweet, sensitive, giving, and warm..and I will love him forever and ever..and i'm gonna stop here before I cry.
I love you guys!!!

--Stephanie Sam

First and foremost, to all the LLRTers and couchers who taught me the true meaning of friendship.
To Tarpy; though I didn't know you well and only met you the first year at Lancaster, I still miss you just the same.
To Ben, for Thembold and all those slave girls. I hope you've finally come to terms with your father's death.
To Diana, Erin, Cassie, and Bonnie- Always remember the squirrels and their evil plot, the attack jello, the spelling bee, and all the fun we had.
To Randi, my friend, my confidante, my fellow show-tunes lover, and most of all, my sister- CTY hasn't been the same without you here. The Mad Women of the Forum will guard you always.
To Dennis, Noah, Ariel, and all the rest- Thank you for letting me share in your world last year, even if I was only a single cloud in the upper stratosphere. You guys are incredible.
To Improv Troupe '96 (Dennis, Dave, Emily, Rootabega, Beth, Jason, and anyone else I forgot)-I will always treasure memories of VCR, Poetry Corner, and all of you.
To Improv Troupe '97 (CRABS JED)-Riverdance, rinas, Ed's violin solo, the SRA's home planet, Rebecca's "And they call themselves straight?!?", Daniel's green denim shorts ("jeans"), and all the rest of it. I love you all.
To Kara- for showing me that summer theatre can be just as funny, frustrating, and amazingly wonderful as the real thing. Also for the shirt second session last year.
To Pratima- Yes, I will dance with you.
To Maggie- I have to confess, I like you better. Don't tell Emily.
To Diana G- The Happy Magic Tree Beaver holds a permanent place in my heart along with your amazing poetry.
To Emily (Cleopatra and also one of the Improv Troupe '96 members I forgot)- I missed you this year. I'm sure you missed Dave just as much.
To Kristl- Wearing your bra last year was quite an experience. Did I ever tell you you're a champion bra-stuffer? Anyway, I guess the shuttle thing didn't work out as planned, but I'll still have all the memories from last year to guide me.
To Jackie, my first CTY girlfriend- Okay, I take back everything I said about you when we broke up. You're pretty cool.
To Jamaila- I'm sorry I never wrote to you like I promised I would. Sometimes things don't work out the way you originally intended. You were a precious resource last year, and I squandered you looking for someone better. Forgive me.
To Meredith (aka Bonnie)- Your Abbott and Costello was fantastic, and so were you. One of the things I most regret is that even if I come back next year, you don't have that option. I will never forget you.
To Emily- Every year I went to CTY, you always seemed to be there. You even followed me to Carlisle. Unfortunately, you now live in far-off Britain, so I doubt I'll see you again. I'm sorry about your fling with Steve, and I hope your future relationships work out better than that one did.
To Marney- I remembered you this year and was glad that I did. Your performance in "A Marriage Proposal" was fantastic. Don't let Ben get on your nerves; he grows on people.
To Dok- You are the MAN! From Improv to Magic to choosing between MIT and Harvard, you just don't leave anything out. I know for certain that you are destined for greatness.
To Zine- If Dok's the man, then you are the WOMAN! Your opera singing rocks, you dance better than Shivani (and, dare I say it, many of the rinas), and you are without question the happiest and kindest person I know. Meeting you made my entire session worthwhile.
To Eliza and Aaron- You will forever hold the title of "Cutest Couple" in my memory.
To Marley- BOB!!!
To Moti- "It's time for necrophiliacs . . .", S:tM forever!
To Reb(r)ecca- Thanks for two great years. "I'm so lonely!"
To Lewis (Bob^3)- Thank you for all your advice last year. Only after the session was over did I realize how true it all was.
To Ben (That Kid)- I don't know what happened to you. You completed our quartet of This Kid, That Other Kid, and This Other Kid.
To Eugene- Lay off with the shampoo and remove the clamp.
To Shelley and the rest of the Dubbs 1 gang- I'm still traumatized from all that Alanis, but I did enjoy when you painted my nails.
To Greg- You proved my theory about what REALLY smart people like to do. You are my favorite nonconformist.
To Tina and Xia, collecively and separately- You two will always live on together in my mind.
To Leah- Geez, it was only a firefly.
To Pierre- "And for best interpretive dance, the nominees are . . ."
To Guinevere- For teaching me the fine art of the timed breakup.
To Isaac (oops, I mean Ryan)- 'nuff said
To Janet- You are one of the most unique people I have ever met. Stay that way.
To Dave (aka DEVA aka Ferret Boy)- Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away.
To Katie (KD, Komodo Dragon)- Your guitar and singing skills never cease to amaze me.
To Wolfgang- I will never forget you and your peanut butter heart. The matzah thing was good.
To Ben- I can't believe you skipped rehearsal! Oh, well, all is forgiven. You're a funny guy, with the best facial expressions I've ever seen.
To Dave, the world's funniest semitic bastard.
To Anne and Alie, the inseparable lesbian lovers who share a brain. Hey, you guys said it, not me.
To Ryan and Julia- Are you guys ever apart?
To Beth- Love the paper, baby.
To Trevor- Once again, you look like Annie, sound like William Wallace, and smell of haggis. Hey, watch it with that coke bottle!
And finally, to all my CTY friends, past, present, and future, and to anyone whose name was missed by my brainstorming for this collection of toasts. I love you all, and I pray that I will meet you all again in the future.

--Travis-Jason Feldstein

To my parents for making me take that PLUS test.
To Heather for keeping in touch for 2 years.
To Allison for blasting "Zombie" and agreeing with me that lefties rule.
To Nathalie for putting up with my stinky feet.
To the blue juice.
To my Scientific Reasoning teacher, Mr. Wayne, for always "milking the apparatus".
To Vivian for not minding when I blasted "Help!", Geckos.
To Erica "THAN YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU", you know what for. (Even though it's gone now)
To Michelle for the starting contests and for listening to Amish Paradise over the phone.
To "Doogie" for looking so much like Doogie Howser and for putting up with Erica's "Code blue, Dr. Howser, Code blue!"
To Mumball.
To Seth just because he didn't mind that "Cough, cough, CHETH, cough, cough CHETH, wheeze, wheeze, gag, gag" every time he walked by.
To Lisa and Michelle for helping me keep a tally on how many times our instructor said, "Huh, is that OK?" (He once said that over 200 times in one class, seriously!)
To Rachel for introducing me to Rubber Ducks of Unusual Smallness, flying off the bunk beds, tic-tac throwing, putting up with my constant Beatles facts,and not killing me after all.
To Mother Theroppy.
To Dan and Chris upstairs who never ceased to bang on our ceiling.
To Melissa's top ten list.
To the Guy In the Blue Hat for walking into our lounge.
To Lisa for bringing her laptop.
To the tightly packed guinea pigs.
To mawidge. (marriage)
To Aggie for being so frustrated, and taking all those pictures that SHE IS GONNA SEND ME.
To Melissa for always laughing, and her stalking skills.
To the Goat, who scared us all.
To Haz, my Astronomy Instructor, and my Astronomy class: Ssssssspiffy! Funky chicken! Pillsbury Doughboy. Shadow puppets.
To the Cosmic Muffin That Got Knocked on its Side.
To Melissa and Geoff. (C'mon, you know what I mean.)
To Rich for almost asking you-know-who to the dance.
To Beta Pagasi for having the best name of all the stars.
To Danielle cuz she put up with me and Mel's crap w/ Brian.
To the Elusive Basement Men cuz they eventually emerged.
To Stacie and Rachel for being my best RAs so far.
To the green card. ("NO STUDY HALL!!!")
To the power outtage on the last day.
To the last dance cuz they played American Pie twice.
To all the beige food in the cafeteria.
Remember to KIT, everyone!
CTY 4 ever!

--Sulin Carling :-)

First of all to Carlyle.
To my best friend who is awesome.
To the rinas and the soccer boys.
To Klining and couching.
To hall bonding, esp. with opposite sex halls.
To interpretive dancing.
To innocence and acceptance, one which I lost a bit of and one which I learned a lot about at CTY.
To my closest sperm friends Caite, Erin, Robyn, and Katrina and the MFS and MFS2.
To Grace who is with me always...literally.
To Jonah who I am so glad I tried to pick up my first year, for hugging and holding me during American Pie for 2 years and for being the best guy friend and older brother like figure I've ever had.
To Jenn Brown who taught me how to write and got me a great start to CTY in WRI1 my sperm year.
To Nicole Jassie, the best RA ever. And to Jocelyn and Magda who come pretty damn close.
To Matt and Aly who helped make my No-More year awesome in Law & Politics.
To Bryant, Christian, etc. and to free-style walking. To the Carlisle Catholic, Episcalpalian, and Presbyterian churches, all of which I attended in my CTY career.
To Allison, BITCHY SLUT-an awesome roommate, for being open and talkative and for doing theme days with me, and for staying up late listening to Pachebel, etc. P.S. I'M GETTINGNAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the Little Bitch (Elizabeth), Hoochie Mama (Nancy), and the Perfect One (Soo-Jean) & Allison again- my hall crew I love you!
To Law and Politics and my class and my No More hall-Magda's girls!
To Caroline, Reston, Lauren, and Sara- the quad 2 extension of our group! 2B or not 2B, I want to be you, the big sis, and nice legs!
To Encore (Ankur)- who loves my ass and lanyard.
To Sarah Bruns and her small No More shirt!
To Jesse and Casey the cousins.
To Charlie because he loved my massage.
To George for giving great hugs and being a great guy.
To Clay for wearing a bathrobe and getting hit by Carlisle guys.
To Eunice and January and Susan and Kerry for being sweet.
To Kate for staying at Carlisle and coming back every year.
To the Pilsbury Dough Boy and his Girlfriend (Jon and Elena) I'll finish corrupting Elena when I come back as an RA.
To Eugene the Player and Charles the Stud. To Andrew the Townie.
To Tuesday, Hickey Girl, Flasher-of Underwear, Xari, and to the variety of people at CTY.
To Galen.
To Sean the evil RA who never took me to Massey's.
To Lisa who sees walls shaking.
To Zine for being a great empress and Dan for trying to be as cool as Zine. (JK)
To the little brother (Jonathan).
To Jack who can't stand to lose any more brain cells.
And to Tim for marrying me and for helping me learn that there ARE truly nice guys out here, you just have to look for their ticklish spot.
I love CTY.
I love the passion fruit.

--Jamey Borell

To Eli Taylor and Sara Dempsey, for inadvertently being at my first and last CTY sessions ever.
To Elley Strehl, for being an awesome roommate and great friend.
To David Rosen, for the many things here that I don't have room to mention.
To Matt Korahais, for being so cool (It's 4 am on the last day of CTY. Do you know where your Korahais is? I do.)
To Nick Hudac, for being so awesome in the talent show and for being such a great friend.
To Larry Shumaker, for having 1/2 a beard. Swallowing is believing, Leviathan.
To Sarah T. for being who she is.
To Quad 3 floor 1(Dave Rosen's hall) for responding to my signs.
To everyone else I love but am too lazy to mention, for changing my life and making me who I am, and really making me see that "love is love, will not fade away"-dhr
I love you all.


To my first poem.
To crying.
To the roomies: To Chaim for being my first CTY friend and for letting me mispronounce his name. To Moshe and staying up all night tracing lengthy conversations to their beginnings. To David (Squeaky) and the cursed Dr. Pepper. Thank you for helping me through such a hard time. And thank you for bringing me to Passion Fruit. To Leo, for letting me introduce him to Christ and for inverting my phones. Shut up jackass, I know what I'm doing. Wop.
To Kara and Don Quixote's laundry service.
To Sherri for laughter.
To Steph for comforting.
To Rebecca for understanding.
To Marley. To the first time I saw her. To yellow Playdoh. To Mona Lisa, light kisses, Peace, and our tree. Gen 2:22. "Lively as a butterfly," "Hello Mr. Ze-ba-ra," and nettles. To Tori Amos and those jeans with her name still on them. To the New Moon.
To the Grace Lutheran Church. Wheat and weeds, preaching at home, and heads on a platter. To the death of doubt. The wine didn't burn that last time.
To the instructors: To Skip, his mysterious true identity, "Factor This!!," and >A^2-B^2=(A+B)(A-B). To Brett and Will, suicidal blue-eyed people, and ten ton mice on the moon. To Haskel, 2 gloves for 3 doctors, and "Nothing up my sleeve..." To Tom, his jokes, the lightning story, and the Spherical Chicken. And to LN, the TA, and her buttery ways.
To Naomi, Chaim's sister. To the chocolate nail polish and English dancing.
To Cosmic Encounter and the Grief Vacuum.
To Rose. SPOON!
To Aggie for being so Aggie-ish.
To Improv. "Would you like to see my ear collection? I can't hear you!"
To Mike, the crash test dummy.
Here's to my RAs, though I'm supposed to hate them: To Andrew Yang and his awesome dancing. To Howie Russel, if only I could have listened to your advice. To Phil Kirk, and all that he did for "Heather" and for me. He was the third person I met who was like me. To Tim, for getting my poetry in next session's lit-mag. And to that first group of 16 kids that will have me as an RA. I pity them SO much.
To Jerk-off (TM) and stale donuts.
To Melissa and Cookie.
To Plorph!.
To Will Smith, demigod of space alien flics for two consecutive summers.
To Obi-wan, his flippers, his trenchcoat, and Ug.
To tree climbing.
To Kristl, Nameless Girl, Squeaky, and Job.
To shoulder rides. Led Zeppelin once said "Good times, bad times. You know I've had my share." Here's to the good times: To Kevin, Chaim, and the Surgeon General's Warnings. And to the 36 can recycling brawl. And Air Moses Sandals. To Rebecca and Josh and the day in town: To ducks in the park, the wedding, sharing a steak and cheese, lime ice, and the endless bookstore. And to the car letter. To Wings Night and the calzones at My Place. To sleeping in the sun. To "Close to the Edge." "Yesterday was beautiful."
To running with Shiva.
They say that a session of CTY isn't just a year of school, it's a year of growth
and friendship. Here's to turning 21 next Christmas. If only CTY years were as long as actual years.
To the US postal service and Rural Free Delivery for keeping us in touch, though slowly. To Internet Connection Inc. for keeping us in touch faster. To some phone company for keeping us in touch at ten cents a minute. To mail and especially to fe-mail. And fe-mail and fe-mail and fe-mail...
To the dances: To that boy who, because he didn't like the music they were playing, left his first dance, walked to his dorm, bowed to his Hendrix T-shirt, and listened to Asia for the rest of the night. Such a fool... To "One Rainy Wish." To Lisa and Emily. To CTY screwdrivers. To Sheri, and "Stairway to Heaven." To the loose marble and to Steph for sitting out "American Pie" to comfort me. Thank you. To Hanna and the most unusual slow dance ever. To ELP. To "Heather," wherever you may be, I pray that you're OK. To "Forever Young." To Marley, the fireflies, and all those kids who rushed towards us during the second verse of American Pie. "CLANG!" To Aggie for comforting me and Marley. To orange squeezings. To Kara and "Stairway to Heaven." To the RAs for playing "American Pie" twice. Go home. Nobody loves you. And of course, the bell bottoms!
To Alex, Psalm 23, SOMF, and footprints. Thanks.
To the firefly that got away.
To Wendy, the S(uper)RA, and all that she did for me.
To e.e. cummings. "i thank You God for most this amazing"
To Rebecca's visit: Whispers. 30 page notebooks and tummy aches. Dandelions. Conair for bringing her. Flight 1902 has not arrived. Hug. REMEMBER 3. Zebra muscles and the Passover moon. The mystery dessert. "The heads on the computer." Poetry. Wheaton. Dragons. The Prudential Skywalk and the NEWS cushions... Hard Rock Cafe, pinball, and "cheating." Three words. "...I know." Faith. Knowing what they mean. Peaceful sleep. Nice people. Fencing, Hahvahd, 5 leaf pot, Shakespeare. Public transportation. Secrets. Squares, 25 and rat poison. Blue Man Group + toilet paper. The fog. Elle a mis une joupe criarde. Newburry Street, forgive me. Tour bus. Clouds. Necklace for a friend. Collective Soul. Before Sunrise. Sunday. Cloudless skies. "Fly on Little Wing." The crying one and the one with faith.
To piggyback with Ken and cinnamon pretzels. To the cocoa house and forgive.
To make-up...
Here's to that great person who's loving, caring, trustworthy, friendly, comforting.
May the CTYer in each and every one of us live forever.
All good things come to an end. "And so castles made of sand..." Or do they? 1997 was my last session of CTY. Not my NoMore year. But my EverMore Year. Because I will always be a CTYer. Here's to the promise of life after "death." And here's to never having to say goodbye. Instead, I say to you, "Au revoir; to the re-seeing."
To my first taste of the Passion Fruit. I can still feel it running down my throat. It's a wonderful feeling.

--Mark Bradwin

To Junior cty at chester town- Eric, Kenny's Hall.
To Vivek, To Tony, To Kenny, To Dookie, To The Wierd Drama, And History colonial teachers,
To the girl who I never talked to but wanted .badly,
to hookis, To Todd, To Steamboat Rob,
To they might be giants, to erasure, to the water olympics, to getting to sit outiside of the site diretors office for 3 hours, to the lit house, to tennis without a raket, to crabs and the crab smell,
to kenny the roomate, to joe the roomate, to the marvelously sophmoric adam sandler,
to hairy palms, to dances, to apple pie, to friends, to a roomate named hris at hamilton, to Mike Barthel, to Scott, To G-Man(you really should come out),
To the members of the Anti-Ska-Union, To that redneck fucker who I hate, To all the RAs, To Sean, To Bad Religon, To Sott, To Me,


To Kathleen (Katya) for the Wall, for slow dances, late night talks, being my next-door neighbor and sharing. And fun with Mysterio the Tree Walker. I love you always.
To Dwight for the Squirrel Thoery, Frisbee, Infinity Table, Beeker impressions, Our first and last slow dance, NEDE, Mittens, Umbrellas, ASL in class ("I know what you guys are doing with your hands now please stop it!" -Andy) Armadillos, and so much more that I can't think of at the moment... and keeping me alive, even from the wrong side of the continent.
To Kelly for the love, laughs, crying with me under the counter in Cafe Opus, being dictator in my hat, NEDE, late late LATE night phone calls (and for never sleeping so I could call you), for being the wonderful, sensitive man you are even when it seems that it's not worth it, and for keeping me alive. (You and Dwight make quite a team.) You are and will always be Imzadi.
To Ed.
To Ed.
Now guess which one's which!
To The Technicolor Burrito, of course.
To Wade for being a wild and crazy guy and insisting that you stand IN line and not ON line and that oragne is pronounced oorange and not awrange and it's Floorida not Flawrida.
To Amol for his Awrange sweater and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
To Anand for too much coffee and being even more depressed than I
To Hamilton College for 8 sessions of stuff
To Writing 1c, Psychology, Writing 2B, Etymologies, Logic, Ethics, American Studies and Newton, Darwin and Einstien
To Mo and MIPO and Pedro in Ethics
To Aaronism and Jason's estimated "going rate of a womb"
To Scott and Stevo for listening
To Stacy for being the first person over 19 I trusted and for staying up with me and being the best RA twice... and Getting Ed Knoll off my back
To Shane for sitting with me during that first scary scary dance 1st session 95 and the letter the next day, for Shane Sundae and for being a cow, a bovine pig and a generally wacky and wonderful guy
To Rob for being Shane's lackey
To Bill for the Evil-fighting Happy Ball
To Ben L. for my first slow dance
To Ben C. for being my first boyfriend (for about 3 days... does it count? Ah, who cares.)
To the Spammish Inquisition for being so dammned bizzare
To the Meshuggeneh Family for good times past
To the Infinity Table for 2 years of Tray art and dedications, mach 2 golf carts, Bookstore transporters, Danishes, Frogurt cone competitions, Nougat titles and all the wild and crazy stuff that went on there
To Creamy Nougat for frisbee, being creamy and so gosh darned cute, and blanket orgies
To Kinky Niel for being Kinky and stuff WITH AN I AND AN E AND AN A AND AN A... and Where the Hell is Eric Yuen???
To Bondage Neal for 4 years... Love always, Neal.
To Alex B. for his lap, for his love, for his understanding, for his existing. NEDE ROCKS! And Ethics. Ethics too. Yes, also Ethics.
To Pinky Boy Matt for being to only Jew in Indiana
To Liz for inter-site links
To Katie for being one of said iner-site links and everything that falls under the heading of Stuyvesant Shit
To L for the one time I met you and regretted not having done so centuries ago
To Yao for being Yao and Yaosmin as appropriate and for 3/4 Monty (Chocolate Thunder)
To Little Brett Lazer for letting me sell him during social time
To Beth for the show tunes and being a great friend and roommate
To Karen for putting up with me during my last session... and the drunken frat boys
To the drunken frat boys for late night fun
To Plex. 'Nuff said.
To Tyler for phone conversations three years later, barely remembering each other, but talking like old friends none the less... your nose is evil.
To my frisbee teams... for frisbee and team spirit and all that shit... for being sweaty and dirty together, 3 out of 4 tournaments and we still need to drag out Jesus Joe and beat him!
To Tommy for cooling me down when that jerk RA (no names) gave me shit for PFWBaG... (Playing Frisbee While Being a Girl)
To Patrin for being so awesome
To Rich Roller for eating the cheese
To the Art which you must NOT sit on!
To the blue couch which no longer exists
To the plaid couch for couch piles
To spontaneous furniture inversion
To the utter lack of a last day prank
To Alison. I don't know who you are now, but I'll always remember and love who you were. For being my sister for four years. I miss you.
To everything and everyone that I can't think of right now...
To CTY... for keeping me alive
I love you all and I love the Passionfruit

--Gella, Brooklyn Bitch, Laughing Spinoza

To CTY, for making me the person i am.
To Nevermores, because you are the heart of CTY, even though you're gone.
To my RA's, Rose, Laura, Marilyn, Stacy and Stacy, you got me through some tough times.
To ultimate frisbee, Laughing spinoza, the nevermores and pete, and We are sorry to announce that the tournament has been canceled and Gella's team has been declared the winner.
To Jed, who loves me even when i'm not me. You are one of my best friends and a great listener. Love you.
To Dwight and the Multi-Dimentional Squirrel (There is only one, it's a proven fact). i love you dwight.
To Klein 2, Lancaster, session 2, 95,96-You Kick @$$!
To IPSY.LAN.2.95-life iz good! Freud rocks!
To Logic.Lan.2.96-We can't do excersize VIII because it isn't PG-13 Life is like a...Toilet Brush
To Ethics.CLN.2.97-Aaronism is a religion. T...t...t...t...taco!
To Gella-For just being Gella. Love you girl. Don't change.(Simeon award for Most Likely To Become An RA-Female 1997 session 2)
To the Sadistic Flying Gellaphant Ambiguous.
To Wade and Squeeky-For being the odd ones of the bunch
To Caty Simon-for helping me discover myself. Love always.
To MIPO, the coolest TA at CTY.
To Rootabega, for being a good friend
To Aaron, for being Aaron and starting a whole new type of philosophy
To all my teachers and TA's, for a wonderful five years
To Yao, just because he's a great person and a wonderful dancer
To his other half, Yaosmin, for looking better in a dress than I do
To all the RA's at Goucher, Conn College, F&M, and Hamilton for listening when I needed to vent
To Kelly, for just being a wonderful person and one of the best friends I've ever had
To my roommates, Lauren, Allison, and Sherri, for putting up with me(I locked her out of the room, and she HAS NO CLOTHES!)
To Lauren especially, for being there when i was homesick.
To Allison especially, for midnight chats.
To Sherri especially, for the blues brothers.
To the persons reading this for sticking with it so far
To the Hitchhikers Guide for providing wonderful laughs
To Monty Python, for the endless quotes.
To American Pie for some great crys.
To the Infinity table, because we're too big, but we can always fit one more.
To Matt, who knows that i'm always here for him and i'm always going to listen.
To Sarah, for kleenex and nightime chats over candy.
To Hamilton and the footbridge and horseplay, and finding ways to circumvent the rules, and the barn, and all the CTY alumni/RA's, who were at that last passionfruit.
To everyone who's ever been to CTY--You rock!
To any of my friends that I forgot, I'm sorry.
I love you all and i love the passionfruit.(glug)

Kathleen(Kate, Kathie, Katya) M. Miller.

To Carlyle my true home
To Dickinson, for participating in CTY and for all the construction
To the HUB and its workers, for providing high quality food for us to not eat
To Four Star for providing an orgasmic pizza alternative
To Ultimate, couching, klining, reklining, pizzaing, the passion fruit, HA, and the gestapo RA's for making CTY, CTY
To Improv for giving me a vessel to make quasi-funny comments
To Malcom basement for the large amount of showers, the swuites, and lynolyem floors so we could have massive water fights with our RA
To Dan RA, for being so irresponsible and sex in the bushes with your clothes on
To Quad 1 foor 1, for the pingpong table, the stove, refrigerator, micriwave and coffee maker
To Bill RA for being cool
To Quad 9 floor 2 for being the dankest and dreariest hell-hole on campus
To Pete RA for being my best RA ever and kicking ass in general
To Emily, my instructer for writing 1a, you taught me so much
To Gen, my TA that year for making fun of me with the rest of the class and letting me bash you in return
To April Woogie instructer and the coolest instructer ever, for you backrub circles, warm fuzzies, and meditation
To Irene, my TA in 98, for wanting to get hit by a car
To DA, my EuHi insructer, for being so wise and funny
To John, EuHi TA, for being X-treme, and ::hits chest with fist:: hard core
To Eric your what did I do look and putting up with me
To Kristi, for being my first girlfriend, one of my best friends, and for being my lil' sister
To Jess, for being my first kiss, and being a great person
To Nancy, for being The Bitch, for the writing on your leg, for your singing, for being there for me and being mom
To Jake, for your hat, your hair, and being cool
To Alex, for putting up with me and WWAD?
To Allyssa, for being allot faster than I am and pointing it out all the time
To Amanda, for being a nympho, my fellow lecher, an S&M queen, and for your "improv" script and letting me be apart of it
To Trevor, for your hair, your scotish impressions, and for being so damn funny
To Vladic, (duh)my latest roomate, for being so Punk rock, being a Phaschist, and caking me after The improve troop of 99 finished our act in the talent show
To Ruth, for hanging out with me while Vlad and Allie did there thing and doing that head rub thing that you do so well
To Jerri, for looking so sexy in that dress and having the balloon war with me
To Alex Yu, for being the nicest guy I've ever met
To Allie for being my swing partner and being so southern
To Rachel, for playing volleyball, and being you
To Carrie, for being so sweet and having a wheelchair for me and the other
Bens to fight over
To my fellow Ben's to being true, Ben's starting a running CTY joke that even my non CTY friends find funny
To my two roommates Little Ben and Middle Ben for being cool and getting me introduced to everyone as "The Third Ben"
To Vivek, for his computer skills and hacking the dickinson network so we could have our AOL
To Travis-Jason, for the Xena sword and being sucha cool guy
To Max, hacking with me and drinking coca-cola products
To Kevin-Steve, for being Bolshevo-riffic and living ten minutes away
To Merideth(monica) for being such a bitch and having almost the same bra size as Elana
To Elana, for really having a ticklish spot and letting me find it, and letting me get your water bottle stuck on the ledge of quad 2 when I tried to get my hackie dack down
To Christine for stealing my hackie sack and being stronger than I am and going down real fast
To Sarah, for ganing up on me with Christine in the taking of my hackie sack, going down even faster than her, and yanking my chain
To Margot for having a cool name, being so sexy and being a great friend
To Kevin(dime boy), for giving me y rune, sticking a dime on your forhead, and warning people about the smacking noise
To Kevin(white chocolate) for being the secretary of state but letting your "assitant" take over, and for being from Alaska, which gives us another topic of conversation
To Kevin(the polish tird) for bein cool and coming back after a summer at butt rape football camp
To Poindexter, for being such a good virginator, and getting Allie to come to Episcopal with you so we can all see each other
To Genn, for being so cute, and squeking when I tickle you
To Ester, for loving jello so much
To Dave, for being such a pimp and bein jhon trovalta
To Cliff, for Hugh Heffner, and cross dressing
To James, Go Bake Me A Cake Bitch!!!, for being a passifist,but also being a sexual predator and having man-brests
To Margolick, for having such a cool name and putting up with everyone's jokes about it
To Robin Bose, even though I don't know you, I love your essay and it made me cry
To Pierre, another guy I don't know, but one who's had such an effect on the carlisle sight, and the creator of a really cool game
To Don Mclean writer of American Pie
To Led Zeppelin, for Stairway to Heaven
To Kevin Stuart James Savigar, James Cregan, Rod Stewart, and Bob Dylan, for Forever Young
To They Might Be Giants for Birdhouse in Your Soul
To The Violent Fems for Blister in the Sun
To all of those people I may have forgotten in this toast
These are all the things I love about CTY, thankyou all for having a huge and wonderful impact on my life Carlyle is my one true home
I love the Passionfruit

--"Big" Ben McGinnis

To the institution of CTY and Dickinson College.
To the summers of '97, '98, and '99.
To my halls during those years.
To CRABSJED and JAARB. You showed me what it was to act.
To the future of CTY, may it live on forever.
To Soap Opera Week, as the HUB turns.
To my roomates, Allie, Evelyn, and Kate. I love you all, am grateful for the immense amount of time we got to spend talking about everything. Thank you.
To Kristi, Carrie, Evelyn, Alex, Alyssa, Big Ben, Middle Ben, Little Ben, Allie, Kate, Rob, Amy RA, Kristen, Honey Rob, Travis-Jason, Jon, Margot, Lisa, Tina, Trevor, Mark, Rachel, Shake and Bake, Alex Yu, White Chocolate, Eric, Kevin, and so many more. I love you all. You made me who I am. I will always treasure you. You are the family I've chosen for myself.
I love the passionfruit.

--Amanda Jenkins

To Kristi, because she lives so close and can let me pretend that I am still at CTY by wearing my lanyard afterwards, trying on tube dresses in the mall, and talking about Tarzan's scanty clothing and pecs.
To Paula, whom I love even though she hated me for a while.
To Carrie, who taught me what a truly caring and unselfish person really is, for having a gorgeous singing voice, and for letting me be her friend!
To Casey, who let me bitch to her all night, every night, for shaving her legs with me at one in the morning, for harboring illegal flashlights, for eating my exboyfriend, and for just being a really, really, cool person, the likes of which you won't meet everyday!
To Ali, who made the kickass survey with me, made my sperm year so awesome, and let her hair go WILD with me at the dance!
To Josh, just for being a Backstreet Boy, a cool kid who eats multicolored cotten candy with me, and for wearing the cool newsies hat. But not for insulting Navy since Army really does suck and I'll never think different. GO NAVY!!!!! But I love him anyway.
To Big Ben, who probably thinks I am a basketcase, but was an awesome friend anyway when I was going through hard times, cried with me, and, most important of all, made me laugh (and let me steal his Hackey Sack...). Also for defending me with violence against old Cliff the Perpetually Horny Man, who shares your, um, fondness for plastic... BARBIE!!!!!!!!!!
To Margot, for being so damn sexy and seductive, for encouragement in class, and for being the best brain ever, even though scripted.
To Margolick, for cheering me up after awful news, being such a good dancer (no matter what he says otherwise) and for pretty much supporting me when I fell apart (oh yes, and for his last name).
To Joe, for being my brother, my best friend, and the funniest person in the world. For letting me be one of his hoes, for wearing those taped up pants, for singing wham constantly. For standing by me alone when I was deserted, for being a true friend, for forgiving me when I hurt him and everyone else.
To Joe, my savior and my knight in Shining Armor (not like that, Joe!), who is the best friend anyone could have. Oh, and for taking twenty minutes! JEEZ!
To Sumul, my other brother. For dancing Forver Young with me, for crying with me during it, for standing by me in times of trouble. For being so cool in that suit and formerly having awesome hair (still in the back, right?).
To Amanda, who set me up: it was good while it lasted. For making this and my sperm year so funny. For being so funny and understanding, and for telling me who that certain someone was.
To Liz, who made me laugh during class, and for enduring that person's voice for SO DAMN LONG.
To Travolta, who did the pose after much begging, for telling me to wear the bag over my head, and for just generally messing about with me!
To Tara, for having that accent and being so cute all the time and being the "Ringleader" in class.
To Dan, the peace maker, for smuggling me that fateful memory book, and for making things work out ok!
To Trevor, who is so hilarious, apologized a hundred times, and for having "busy hands" and writing such nice things in my memory book.
To Drew, for playing Stairway and coloring in my Sam Shepard.
To Sara S., for throwing my ex in a trash can and saying trash gets dumped and so do you.
To Sarah R., for being a monkey with me, letting me keep her memory book for so long, and for comforting me when I broke down in the middle of the field (you too, Big Ben). For tickling me and helping me kick Ben's butt and capture his Hackey Sack SO many times.
To Matt, for being himself and letting me beat up his self esteem whenever the occasion arose.
To Jess, for being an awesome lover, friend, and sex symbol. For being strong and one of the "Pittsburgh Fricks" which is obviously good even though I have no idea what that means.
To Meredith, for being Monica, my friend, a lesbian Rosie O'Donnell, and for staying with me during that awful breakfast.
To Jane, for being rude with me during the Talent Show, having a birthday, and shaving with me and Chris RA... oooooh, yes, good times, good times...
To Evelyn, for spinning wiht me and beating up Ben.
To Kevin, for choreographing that Savage Garden song that he mysteriously knew all the words to with me, and for beiing so nice, and well, sick.
To Alex, who is just sooo cool, since she lived in my old room and was touched by my Exorcist handywork, and being so nice to me. To Bronwen, for being my favorite chica, an awesome dresser and swing dancer (of course) and letting me dress up in her Man Pants. For telling me that my ex always went out with girls cooler than him, including me and Jill of the spectacular vocal chords St. Cyr.
To Cliff, for being gross and disgusting and having a penis the size and shape of a guitar case. For being too nice to my legs, and being the perfect Hugh Hefner.
To Tony, who is the best Toe Wrapper ever, for inviting me and Paula out to dinner, and for wanting me to teach him how to swing dance.
To Jerri, who is sooo beautiful in that red dress and any other clothing, having all the guys in the place falling all over her, for swing dancing with me, for confiding in me about Welton, and for being so nice.
To Piper, for being so excitable and living on Park Avenue.
To Little Ben, for having cool hair in those awesome blond spikes, and for being so cool and sexy.
To James, for being a sexual predator and a tangerine meditator, and for letting me beat you up.
For Debra, who is an awesome neighbor although she eats all my Spicy Nachos and for being such an awesome white MC.
For all those people who I love and forgot, I love you still, I just have a bad memory!!! I love you all!!!!!!!! I love CTY, I love townies and HUB workers, I love Carlisle, and most of all I love the Passion Fruit.


To Peace, Love, and Six.
To sedition.
To friendship.
To sedition assisted by friendship.
To boxers.
To the human spirit.
To the CTY spirit. (Not IAAY.)
To order, and the corner of it we have built here. And to chaos, and the fun it can be.
To LLRT. And it's doors.
To women... and, erm... women... and women... and women... (etc.)
To Xeno, who by the way is halfway here, and has stopped at a gas station for directions.
To the Digiclan, the heart of Lancaster.
To Scum... and the hours spent playing it.
To the dream of being staff.
To February 3, 1959... and those that know why it is important.
To friends discovered, and friends rediscovered.
To sheep! Oooh, sheep...
To the beverage of the damned, and the silence of the lambs.
To bacolamps and Chechniyan (sp?) Independence.
To LLRT, and to bubble mesmerization.
To PCs and Macs. May the feud never die.
To Chimaerstry, and to being someone else's pelvic hair.
To traffic lights.
To getting money in ways that aren't quite PG-13.
To table-dancing on vending machines in drag.
To the four types of orgasms.
To duct-tape bowling.
To women, and women, and women...
To Matthew Belmonte.
And most importantly... to Tuesday afternoons.

--Conor Walsh

To Stacey, my first roommate. You were my sister and I miss you in Colorado!
To Cate, my partner in crime. Riding around the lounge while smacking our asses with ping pong paddles, eternally pissing kin off, making fun of..basically everyone, and HOR FOREVER.
TO Scott. You were my first real guy friend and ill never forget you and your spiked hair, mrs.fields box and being from california.
To Erik...i wish we had used the "corner o' couplin'" more often. I truly liked your girlie sandals and the abercrombie and fitch cologne. ill visit you in groping, dont you worry, and ill take care of those purity test results.
To first guy roommate. I think that you and I are pretty much the same...we both are from New York, we both have accents, and we both love the Yankees. So CTY didnt really make a mistake when they put us in the same rooms!
TO Matt..sorry i harassed you but maybe you cant understand that i really DID love you.
To Buster...thanks for making fun of me and naming your fat.
TO Brendan...the best quaker EVER.
To my parents..thanks for paying the $$.
and last of all TO everyone at CTY CAR1 98-99...HOR FOREVER!!!!
I love you all or (y'all as dylan would say it) and I LOVE THE PASSIONFRUIT


First of all, I toast the random Carlislians and HUB workers without whom CTY would just not be the same, especially Ian and Colin, and apologize (sort of) for four long years of tasteless jokes at your expense.
To Alex, for the hours and days of laughing and talking, for birthdays and Halloweens, and for being the most open, insightful person I know. I wouldn't give up our 7:45 tradition for anything.
To Alyssa, who remains so special even though we couldn't be together this year. I love you and always always will.
To Christine--kinky! You are so incredibly special and sweet and have taught me so much about who I want to be (besides a Barbie girl!). I love you with all my heart, and I know we'll stay as close as we are now. Penguins.
To Amanda, for the pages of inside jokes, for the way she cares about everyone, for our conversations and 2:30 am inventions. You are beautiful and special, don't forget it.
To Big Ben, for caring so much, for his hugs, for getting hackeysacks off the roof of Quad 2 (it can be done), and for always being there.
To Elena, for four years of CTY history, and making Carlisle what it is. Thank you for everything.
To Jenn, who moved into our room! I love you, and I loved singing at 2:00 in the morning, and sleeping with fill that in.
To Sarah, the virginator, who was the most incredibly fun person to have on my hall. You are hilarious Sarah, keep it up. I miss all our crazy sleepover discussions and freaking out our RA!
To Jeanne, you're so sweet. I loved playing you in lacrosse, listening to your violin, and eating all those Reese's!
To White Chocolate. I have very few regrets about CTY, but I wish everyday that I had met you sooner. You are the sweetest, strongest, funniest, kindest, most caring person, and totally worth moving to Alaska for! I miss you so much it hurts, and talking to you completely lights up my day. I love you forever eskimo.
To Jess, the most bi-eautiful person I know. Stay as kind and adorable as you were when we were together.
To Travis-Jason, for being so funny and for completely symbolizing Carlisle for me.
To Shawn, my french buddy. Tu es le creme de la creme.
To Josh, my latin lover and bestest buddy. Even though you're afraid of bees!
To Kevin, the hat man. You are so funny and totally great in everyway. I'm so glad I got to spend my nomore year with you!
To Little and Middle Bens, my wheelchair men. I love you both, despite the bumps and bruises!
To Travolta, for putting shaving creme on your forhead!
To Vlad and Ruth, for each being so kind and special
To Allie, for being so sweet, and perfect and beautiful in everyway. I feel so lucky to be your friend, and that'll never, ever change
To Evelyn, for being so wonderful. I love you to death sweetheart, and it just wasn't the same not being your neighbor this year. We will always keep in touch.
To Shep, for being so incredibly talented and money!!! Hardy Boys! It was worth being in the talent show just to hang out during practices. I still owe you days and days in the wheelchair!
To Dylan, I'm so glad we talked this year! You're kickass in everyway!
To Nick, for all the jokes in class, for the huge bottle of Evian, for the orange condom. I miss you!
To Eric, for founding the group that changed everything, for being the most real and adorable person ever.
And finally to Kristi, the roommate who became my best friend. You know how much you mean to me. You're the most original, special person I've ever met. I love you, ass. You taught me what it was like to have a soulmate. Thank you for everything.
I love you and love the passionfruit.


To Jamey Borell who was on my floor Carlisle2, 95 and to our "sleepovers" with "Jason-bites" -- I saw your name here and wasinspiredto toast
To Melissa Ford (aka sprout) the only ctyer I've actually been able to keep in touch with
To Terry Lin (aka plugee) where are you babe! remember the plugs!
To Jack Dobbyn my first love, for being my Prince Charming
To Mandy Sadacca, from lan. 1 95. you always amazed me babe. i hope you're having an awesome freshman year of college, whereever you are.
To Lisa Bowers my spermyear RA for understanding and supporting and being the awesomest guitar player -- remember puff the magic dragon
To Kirsten Ostroff for taking me to my first passionfruit
To John-Paul B. who I lost touch with in France. I met someone from your town (Kieron Heileman) when I was living in mexico --it's a small world and CTY is everywhere somehow
To Yuni, I'll write you in German again!
To Toni remember the goldfish.
To Writing 1 which actually let me form coherent essays, it got me into college I'm positive
To all my great RA's and TA's who's names have been lost to me in the past years
To my parents, for dragging me to CTY, and to Germany, France, and even Mexico
To my brother, for holding up the ideals of CTY since I've left, and really all along, although it took CTY for me to recognize that.
To everyone who I shared a smile with and I've forgotten--thank you. I'm so sorry we've fallen out of touch. If you remember me, write me please
I love the passionfruit.

--Monica (aka Mo)

To CTY- for all the light in the world
to joe- who fills me with the light. And whom i love so much. for his bathrobe, getting diet coke, opening up to me, making me want to be a beter person, and chocalate pudding " and something touched me deep inside"
to AMSTUDS- for being so damn complex and interesting
to pat and lynn- for finding our ramblings amusing
to jenn- who i love so so dearly. and is a funny litle cherry. also for having a great laugh and falling asleep in moives
to emily- the guava, who is the coolest most sincere person i know whom i love with all my heart. and for opening herself to me.
to David- for making emily happy and making me laugh. and for listening when i told him that emily was sad for what she did ( at the dance) oh yeah, and for liking buffy
to nympho- thanks for your ass.
to kevin "steve"- for showing me true intelligence
to little kevin- for playing bubble fun with me and jenn. and letting us put pudding in your hair, i like your poetry man
to becca- for showing me that smart people are really really nuts and cool. stay away from the sudafed!
To gyro- whom intruduced me to joe
to katy- for being sweet and a faerie
to mary- who was very bright (not meaning smart) and was filled with silly joy
to scott- my secret agent computer man
for everyone on my hall who i just simply love
for sidekick- who probably doesnt remember me but who i will always
for peter- who was sidekick's sidekick. and who made discussion group even more amazing
For joan- the sexiest ra.
for scott- who was the pirates ra who i also thought was sexy
for steve- who i do not like because he was mean
for tony, the nurse- for trying to start conversations with me in which i looked at the floor and asked for my pill.
for pat and lynn again- for teaching me all thats really important
for lizzie- who reminds me of amaly. and had a cool necklace
for susan- who was my friend from home. who was an anchor
for alison- whos letters ended signed "horny bitch"
for all that is cty- i love you

Pammy Woodward

To the RAs. You are the symbol of The Man, being dictatorial powers overour lives, yet still manage to be part of Us too. Without you, CTY would not be.
To the TAs. You help our teachers cope with our constant schenanigans.
To the Teachers. You teach us. Duh. But you don't only teach us the class. You teach us how to live life. You shape our minds. You teach us how to be our true selves.
To the Administration. You give us decrees to random, and often quite silly things. Without your stupid and pointless rules, CTY would not be CTY.
To the HUB and all components there within. You keep us alive. Kinda. Never failing to come up with interesting foods for us to eat. And never failing to supply us with unending ammunition to fuel senceless eating contests.
To Dickinson College itself. You house us and keep us safe from being ravaged from the Townies. Although you may, due to the way you were made, isolate Malcomites, that is not your fault and we do not blame you. You are a wonderful place whose invisible borders disconnect from the rest of the world at about the same time every year, freeing all of those who know what it is to be a CTYer from their bonds and letting them truly be CTYers.
To those random background characters whose names I do not know. Without you... well... there wouldn't be any random background characters to occupy the empty space. And what fun would that be?
To Melissa. You helped to ease my uncontrollable paranoia. You also taught me what emotions are. You fended off insanity from taking its claim on me, which, although it ultimately did take me, is appreciated. You have taken a place in my heart and will always dwell within me there. Vilanous Whore.
To Dave. You are a wonderful guy. You made us all whole, just by being there.
To Ed. You need to let loose and dance, my boy (although hopefully by this point, you have.) Your quiet wit and wisdom brought us life. And you are the effeminate one.
To Trevor. You made life interesting. What else can I say?
To Genevieve. You are the hardest person to keep in touch with. Thank Eris for synchronisity, though. You are the CTYer who I have seen most recently. And that is a happy thing. ACtually, you aren't the hardest to keep in touch with. Felix is. But we'll come to that. I'm glad your cough has healed. It was always a pleasure to let you dig your nails into my shoulder as you tried to eject your lungs from your body. Your name come so damn close to beautiful. Only 2 off. Such a shame, because you are. But your name is so great. It has so many 5s.
To Anne. You added an element of chaos to my existance, and there is nothing greater than that. I'm coming through Boston again this year. I must see you again. I will always remember eating random Indian food with you while trying to catch up on the missing year. Thank you for listening to my problems. And I'll always be willing to sit and talk with you for the entirity of the 2nd dance.
To Felix. You are literally impossible to keep in touch with. It has been a year and 8 months since I've talked to you at the time I write this. And that possibly makes me sadder than any other thing. You were my best friend. You could always make me laugh. You could always make me smile. Our odd mix of Canadian and Scottish accents sticks in my mind, although I can't duplicate the exact sound of it. I've tried writing to you when it did turn out that everyone was against me so we could stick it to The Man, as you told me to in my memory book, but you never responded. If you read this, find me. My sister runs this page. She'll know how.
To Drew. My roommate. I will always remember your advise about how to handle Lindsey. You gave me confidence.
To Ian. Social norms are made to be defied. Never stop making people back away from you. Vile Shrew.
To Rebecca Froom. You got me in trouble for passing notes in class, but you also helped to restore my emotions. Thank you. You were good council to me in times at which I needed it most. You will always be dark and scary. Harlot.
To the Impudent Strumpet. You were so impudent it was maddening. Rar.
To Kim. I still salivate when people say Pavlov. Grr. I'm salivating now.
To Teresa. You are a kindred spirit. I look up to you greatly, and I always will.
To the rest of the people from Carlisle Session 1 '98. You all helped to shape the spirit of the Shiny Knave.To Peter. For being oh-so sacrilicious.
To Sidekick. For being yourself, no matter what.
To Ben. For yelling at the pirates after we nearly killed everyone.
To Catherine. For being the Ship's Whore. And for letting us carry you around. And for giving me a dance.
To Pam. For keeping Joe happy. And for keeping Emily happy. And for being such a wonderful person.
To Emily. For loving me. Despite everything scummy that I do. And if I were to actually list all the things I could toast you for, I'd double the length of this toast, so I shan't.
To Pip. For being the first person whom I renamed. And for being the best damned cabin boy around.
To Quee-quay. For being too quiet for your own good. May ye shove many a harpoon in many a whale.
To Gyro. For your constant spinning and your light heartedness.
To Ooven. For being a good friend. For listening to all of our problems. For caring. And for teaching us how to jig.
To Mad Dogg. For your Tower of Terror. For being a constant source of humor. For your brilliant arguments. And for yelling at me when I said that clones should be sent to the moon and harvested for organs.
To Swabby. For being my companion for two years. For your Zen quotes and the way you get exited when you think of an interesting idea.
To Nympho. For having such a nice ass. For lobbing my CD cases at me and breaking them when I was depressed. For calling me an inhuman bag of juice.
To Joe. To the Cap'n. For leading the pirates in our reign of terror. And forthe eating contest.
To the pirates as a whole. For nearly killing everyone. For dancing like we've never danced before. For swabbing the decks afterwards. For all of the good times we had.
To the assassins. For killing the White Ninja 9 times.
To the rest of the people from Carlisle Session 2 '99. For helping to shape the spirit of Shiny the Lustrous.
I love the passionfruit.

David (Shiny the Lustrous)

To My Site Director Rich and SRA Andrew. You guys are my heroes! To Plato and ice bashing and everything at LAN.2.01

Emily Kehrt

To Guatemala Dan and Dr. Ted for making lanc2002 unbelivable
To the squirrels for having poptarts
and to cty..for having a nice butt


To Clara Anderson and "She looks easy", which I hope will become used in the future for my original purpose, Lancaster 2002.2 Asher's hall in-joke
To Rich for letting me come back despite having thrown me out of Lancater 2.2002 due to my (Ha!) violent tendencies
To Miguel for putting up with me in Baltimore.2001.2 in Rob's hall without going insane
To Ben Lovett for behaviorist pudding
To Trevor (The one who looks like Annie) for being an Improv God and being one of the main reasons I came back to experience the true greatness of CTY
To Don Mclean for American Pie
To Marc Howard, for keeping me from going insane from boredom during the dull hours before the dance on Saturday night.
To Marlena, Tim, Belle, and all the other nomores who I didn't get to toast at passionfruit at Lancester.2.2002
To Nick Hudac, for being a great RA during my sperm year at Carlisle.2.2000
To King Dave from Kwajalein and his ritual drums (inside joke of 2nd Schaeffer North Ben Lancaster.2.2002
To Dan Schwartz and his amazing skills at Egyptian Ratscrew and finger-snapping
To Anna in IPSY B for her random sexual innuendos and for having the best ass in IPSY (everyone I asked in IPSY, Colin, Chris, I think Eric, and Aaron, as well as possibly the rest agreed)
To Aaron for his loudmouth and other similar behaviors to mine that somewho made all the girls at CTY love him
To the other Dan at Lancaster.2.2002 for teaching me the special Lancaster Canon songs and the traditions associated with them.
To Reuven Lazarus for putting up with my questions
To Anyone from Princeton, NJ who has ever gone to CTY, for making me feel slightly normal during the school year.
To Improv and all the other "Mandatory Fun" we enjoyed at CTY (except Family Feud)
To all my hallmates over the years I have and have not mentioned yet.
To all my classmates over the years that I have and have not mentioned yet
To Paul, the guy with the leather hat from Baltimore.2.2001 (inside joke at Lancaster.2.2002 that I hope will be forgotten)
To college dorms and cafeteria food
To the pedophiles in Lancaster (yet another inside joke)
To Teddy, who was one of two people who I had known previously at Baltimore.2.2001
To Joseph Hong, for being able to stand being in the same hall and same class as me for two straight years ISCI at Carlisle.2.2000. and POLY at Baltimore.2.2001
To Alyssa and the Male Eye Wandering Syndrome
To Rachelle and her anecdotes
To Asher Safvi, my RA in Lancaster.2.2002, who helped keep me from leaving CTY in tears when I got kicked out for my previously mentioned (Ha!) violent tendencies.
To Douglass Adams and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
I love the Passionfruit

--Jacob "She looks easy" Alperin-Sheriff

to. . .
cty in general
my oodles of classes
everyone i've ever met
assorted pseudonymage
laura & greg, ye olde passionfruit emp. . .s
the duct tape crown o' empressosity, for residing in my bedroon
hub potatoes
genial hub workers
not-so-genial hub workers
party packs of forks and napkins
spilled phish food
leaky air conditioners
smelly, albeit AWESOME, boots
everyone in betwixt
five year freaks
votes for feet
rusty towels
the dances
leonard bernstein
dr strangelove
the kids downstairs [hey, that'd be a good name for a band]
quad 10
lower quad at 7am on sundays
the meds room
the ra's
action girl
the mikes
the sarahs
made-up words
rocky horror picture show
the kids back home who should've would've could've didn't've go
vocab ad infinitum
what's a victor?
your mom jokes
marching bands across the world
they might be giants
poetry readings, especially their god[desse]s
i love cty, and i love the passionfruit

--annie cty carlisle 01-2 02-2 03-2 [04-2?]

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