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JHU.1.95 Logic: Principles of Reasoning (Kim Mattingly)
I liked this class, although I was really too young to get everything from it that I could have. It consisted mostly of an introduction to Aristotelean and formal logic. Lots of if/then statements and truth tables.
Reviewed by M.P.

JHU.1.96 Geoplitics (Dave Burnell)
I really enjoyed this class while I was taking it, and the content pops up pretty often in school now. A great intro to thinking globally and understanding the (recent) history of the world. We started with 19th century colonialism and imperialism, and then looked at how those paradigms carried over into the post WWI world.
Reviewed by M.P.

CAR.1.97 Law and Politics (Matt Bosun)
AKA Supreme Court 101. An incredible class! The history of the supreme court in the context of American history. We traced the history of the court in two ways: through landmark decisions, and through eras of the court's jurisprudence. Bosun (sp?) was an excellent instructor.
Reviewed by M.P.

CAR.1.98 European History (Dan Allen)
Dan Allen's teaching style and personality made learning EuHi a lot less painful than it might have been. Basically a survey class-- you'll get a lot of the same info if your HS offers AP (or non-AP) EuHi, but Dan Allen knows all of the scandalous little details that make it fun.
Reviewed by M.P.

CAR.2.98 Newton, Darwin and Einstein (Dan Allen)
This was the first year this course was offered (although it was offered at Saratoga (?) first session), and it was a bit rough around the edges. I don't think that either Dan Allen or whoever wrote the curriculum really had a focused vision of what this class was supposed to be. In addition, Dan Allen was much less effective outside of his area of expertise (EuHi), and the class dynamics that year were a little weird. My least positive CTY experience and, sadly, my last.
Reviewed by M.P.

CAR.1.97 Playwriting (Bo Wilson)
This was one of the best classes I took at CTY. I actually worked my way through Writing 1 and 2 just to take this class, and it was well worth it. Though I discovered that playwriting wasn't my strong suit, I still use the philosophies and ideas discussed in the class in my current theater work, and Bo was a dynamic teacher who made it one of the most fun classes I took.
Reviewed by E.B.

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