The CTY Alumni Association: What it is, and what it should be

This page is devoted to an extensive discussion of the creation of an effective, active CTY Alumni Association. It is primarily personal observations and conclusions based on the seven years I have spent maintaining this webpage and being involved CTY alumnae.


A brief history of the past ten years of CTY Alumni Relations, looking at how the alumni realtions worked in the past, and why they are at the point they are today.

The Importance of an Effective Alumni Association

Having an effective CTY Alumni Association is beneficial to both CTYers and to CTY as an institution. Here is why.


There are problems facing the creation of an effective alumni association, that limit both what CTY as an institution can do and what alumni can do on their own. A brief discussion of those problems and how they can be solved is found here.

What To Do?

This section looks at what I would like to see a CTY Alumni Association do, and how to go about doing it.


This section provides updates about the efforts of both CTY staff and alumni to create a more effective alumni association.

Old Stuff

Here are some of my old writings about creating a more effective alumni association.
The Official CTY Alumni Page
More Official CTY Alumni Stuff
The CTY Boston Alumni Association- an unofficial Alumni Association; The purposes of the CTY Alumni Association at MIT (CTYAA) are to organize social events and to facilitate communications among alumni of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) at MIT, to serve as a point of contact between CTY and its alumni at MIT, to offer courses or mentorships that enhance the educational opportunities available to local CTY students, and to offer its members opportunities to develop their teaching skills.
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