CTY Essays

Stairway to CTY

The highly acclaimed essay by Robin Bose, CTYer from 1994-1996. CTYers everywhere have read it, and all say the same thing: it puts into words what can't be put into words. Click here to read Stairway to CTY

On Leaving CTY

Written by Matthew Belmonte upon his firing as a CTY teacher after a difference of opinion with JHU, this essay is a well thought out piece on some of the flaws in the program. On Leaving CTY was originally posted on the CTY-L mailing list, and sparked much discussion about the CTY program among the alumni. This is a link to Matt's page.

The Pros and Cons of Gifted Summer Programs

This essay was a rather long look at CTY I wrote for a college class. It was later republished by the magazine "Our Gifted Children". It looks at the pros and cons of both the academic and social sides of the program.

The Decline of CTY

Originally written as a post to the LLRT list, The Decline of CTY takes a look at the frequent claim that CTY is declining and tries to figure out if it is all just in our heads.


Andromeda Yelton wrote Musing as an e-mail to the CTY-L list, commenting on some of the problems she saw with the program, and how these problems affected her.

The King is Dead, Long Live The King

Andromeda Yelton once again write the CTY-L list, this time titling her message The King is Dead, Long Live the King and discussing magic at CTY, and how the program changes over time.

Room For One More?

Isaac Meyers wrote Room For One More? as a message to the CTY-L list, exploring cliques at CTY from both the perspective of a student and that of an RA.

Nevermore RAs

Another bit from Andromeda's writings to the CTY-L list, this time about the problem of hiring Nevermore RAs.


After visiting the CTY offices in Baltimore, I wrote this commentary on my experience.

Names and Cliques

This is a piece I wrote about the naming of groups at CTY. There is a decade long history of naming groups, and I think it has a definite impact on the social structure of CTY.


This essay was written for the original version of this page, started in 1997 and added to in 1999. It is a bit about my CTY experience. and how CTY impacted my life.

24 Hours at CTY

A collection of random conversation segments by Jeremy R. Cooke. A lovely abstract interpretation of CTY. Complete with notes from the Author. Click here.