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What the Book Doesn't Tell You

Baltimore, Maryland (Homewood)

What the Book Says: "The 140-acre Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University is situated in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. Students enjoy the atmosphere of a small, private university with air-conditioned residence halls and classrooms, modern science facilities, and access to a two-million-volume library. Approximately 320 students and 80 staff are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: JHU, a walled off campus in the middle of the Baltimore, is very tight on security. However, the whole group of CTY does go to the Inner Harbor for the weekend, where one can sit near the water, go shopping at the galleria and many other stores there or visit the aquarium. However, they make you where your CTY shirts when you're off campus. Sharing the JHU campus are a group of handsome young lacrosse players. Pre-College people are also there, and sometimes they use up CTY places for dances and such. JHU has great lawns, and big wide areas out doors. Really awesome activities, like (eg. Pink Floyd appreciation, turning that friend into a *special friend*, shaving 101, as well as a lot of arts and crafts, lots of sports, and sometimes organized trips (to the Baltimore Art Museum or a comic book store for Jap Animation appreciation)). The food is actually supposed to be pretty good. JHU is also where the Baltimore Bigwigs hang out, which means that the rules are stricter.

Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Dickinson)

What the Book Says: "Dickinson College is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a pre-revolutionary town of 20,000 people located in the beautiful Cumberland Valley of Central Pennsylvania. Founded in 1773 as one of the 15 colonial colleges, Dickinson was named for John Dickinson, governor of Pennsylvania, who drafted the Articles of Confederation. The college’s first building, Old West, was completed in 1804. This picturesque, 55-acre campus is distinguished by beautiful air-conditioned buildings fashioned of native limestone. The campus features a well-equipped athletic center. Approximately 400 students and 100 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: The Quads are perfect for Ultimate and Passionfruit, though the tradition home of Passionfruit (and ultimate Frisbee), the library field, was turned into a big construction pit, and then a library extension. Food of all sorts can be ordered 24-7 from Deli Creations. You must use the crosswalks. There is absolutely no touching the tree's or the walls that line the academic quads. The Townies are fond of car shows, hold their 4th of July fireworks on the 6th, and generally don't like the CTYers much. The couches in the HUB are the perfect place to hang out before class and after meals. There have been Rina's at this site in the past. Carlisle was the home of the first Indian "Reform" School, and a former training site for the Washington Redskins.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall)

What the Book Says: "The 54-acre campus of Franklin & Marshall College, a small, private, liberal arts institution over 200 years old, is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a community which boasts a rich cultural and historic tradition. The campus offers air-conditioned facilities and features excellent science laboratories, athletic facilities, and library resources. Approximately 520 students and 130 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You:F&M is located in beautiful Amish country. While there is next to nothing on the radio, the scenery is lovely. Don't plan on climbing any trees, F&M is a tree preserve (and they put wood chips around the trees so that all us intellectuals can call them hypocrites). Great dorms, and great lounges. The best of all is Schnader, which features bunkbeds. And in the basement, the ceiling is taller. Great bookstore. With RA escort, your snacking needs can be met at Turkey Hill. Yes, of course the cafeteria food sucks. But we have 4 lines to choose from, a frozen yogurt machine, and nachos. The quad is very nice; it even has a no frisbee zone for all you easy targets out there. Brand spanking new fitness center for all you sports buffs. Nifty old buildings (like Nevin Chapel) and nifty new ones too (like Staeger). Perpetual construction sites where you can lose your frisbee. Come eat at "My Place."

Saratoga Springs, New York (Skidmore)

What the Book Says:"Skidmore College is located on more than 650 acres of wooded land at the edge of Saratoga Springs, a well-known cultural and entertainment center in upper New York state. The campus was planned to preserve the natural beauty of the setting and offers excellent residence halls, classrooms, laboratories, and athletic facilities. Approximately 300 students and 75 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: The campus is gorgeous. They have a lake, and huge quads, and trees perfect for climbing (though they yell at you if you try.) When I was there, we went into town on the weekends, and downtown Saratoga is a neat place. About half of the dorms are air-conditioned, and they have these neat window seat things. Unless you go into town, there are no Townies to speak of, but there are Rinas. The tap water is the worst tasting water on the face of the planet, so plan on bringing your own.

Los Angeles, California (Loyola Marymount University)

What the Book Says:"Situated on a 128-acre hilltop mesa above Marina del Rey, the Loyola Marymount campus overlooks both the city and the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a coastal climate. The campus is located in a quiet residential area just 10 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. Loyola Marymount offers excellent academic and recreational facilities. Approximately 350 students and 90 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: The campus is beautiful, though you don't get to see much of it due to its small boundaries. I warn people not to come to CTY- LMU for a chance to see Los Angeles- you won't. This is probably one of the more tradition-poor sites of CTY. Most of the Canon isn't played, or it might be played at the last dance only. Passionfruit is still in the works, but it's not perfect yet.The staff here are not known for being incredibly lenient, and many rules (no matter how ridiculous) are strictly enforced. The quality of activities vary from year to year- it basically depends on the staff of that year. We share the campus with a number of people :sports camps, Rinas, and people attending the many seminars Loyola hosts (Get to lunch on time- or you won't have anywhere to sit!)

Loudonville, New York (Siena College)

What the Book Says:"Located in a serene suburb of Albany, New York, Siena College ranks as one of the Northeast's premier small, private liberal arts colleges. Founded by the Franciscan Friars, Siena focuses on developing both competency and compassion. A state-of-the-art library and science building are only two of the many new facilities developed at Siena to provide students with a unique liberal arts education. The college also recently completed construction of a new residence hall, creative arts venues, a student union, and athletic facilities. Approximately 360 students and 90 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: Girls, because they have the newer residence hall, have A/C, single bathrooms, lounges, vending machines on each floor, a resident friar, and other benefits. Guys' dorms don't have nearly as many good things. The food's good, although the cafeteria staff post announcement papers with loads of typos. The rules are silly and traditions may be going downhill, but there's still a sense of CTYness around. The campus gets crowded at times, as frosh orientations and sports camps share it around lunchtimes. There's a cool bookstore with plenty of junk food and other supplies. The college is pretty religious, so there are crucifixes in every room and stuff like that, but that's background. Free smoöthies during dinner. Not many courses at the site.

St. Mary's City, Maryland (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

What the Book Says:"St. Mary’s College, situated on 275 bucolic acres adjacent to the St. Mary’s River, has solidified its reputation as the nation’s top public liberal arts college. Founded in 1840 and located 75 miles southeast of Washington, DC, the college blends an historic setting with modern-day academic and residential facilities. Approximately 210 students and 55 staff members are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: I am looking for information on this site.

Kaneohe, Hawaii (Hawaii Pacific University)

What the Book Says:"Nestled in the foothills of the Ko’olau mountains, on the windward side of Oahu, the Hawaii Pacific Loa campus provides an idyllic venue for intellectual pursuits. Though the campus covers 135 acres and the tropical foliage and views of the mountains create a sense of spaciousness, the residential, academic, and dining facilities are all in close proximity. Approximately 180 students and 45 staff are expected to attend each session."
What They Don't Tell You: I am looking for information on this site.
The book descriptions come from the 2002 CTY Summer Programs Book. CAR and SAR blurbs written by me; LAN blurb written by Mark Bradwin; JHU blurb written by me with the information coming from Moses Pounds and Ella Coscolluela. LA info by Katie Walker. Siena info by waansleyvark. I am looking to update the what the book doesn't tell you sections, as they are several years old. If you have any information on any of the sites, please contact me at