Welcome to the historical archive of Eliza's "The Real CTY"!

Eliza attended CTY at Clinton '94, Saratoga '95 and Carlisle '96 and '97. After leaving CTY, Eliza created a website named "The Real CTY" to document and preserve CTY culture and history. Circa 2003, Eliza's "The Real CTY" covered the culture of CTY better than any other website.

In 2003, Eliza gave the creators of the RealCTY.org wiki permission to borrow the name of her site and to host select community contributed content from her site. Subsequently, Eliza's website was taken offline.

In August of 2007, Eliza expressed an interest in putting her content back online. The content has not been updated since March 2004, nor is it expected that the content will ever be updated. (Please see www.realcty.org for up-to-date content.) Eliza's content is presented here for completeness and historical interest. Without futher ado, please....

Enter Eliza's The Real CTY.