The Johns Hopkins University's Center For Talented Youth Summer Program (CTY) has been an important factor in the lives of thousands of gifted middle and high school students. Created and maintained by an alumna of the program, The Real CTY is an attempt to provide a one stop resource for alumni and current students to recall their experience, voice their opinions about CTY, and meet other CTY alumni, and for prospective students and their parents to learn more about the program than they could find out through official CTY publications. This page represents several years of work, and the assistance of many other CTYers. Enjoy.

CTY News and Info

CTY News and Info includes essays and commentary about CTY, alumni association information, contact information for the folks in Baltimore, the History of CTY, news articles about CTY and CTYers, information on Academics at CTY, information on CTY campuses, and information on CTY scholarships and financial aid.

CTY Culture

CTY Culture includes the CTY cannon, the Hall of Fame, the CTY Purity Test, an on-line poetry reading, CTYers on CTY, Things We Like, the CTY Jargon File, a photo archive, links to other CTY pages, the Brazilian War Monkey Story, and Oppress, Pedro, Oppress.

CTY Friends

CTY Friends includes Passionfruit Online, CTY related Mailing lists, an address database, Search For CTYers section, and info on how to organize a general CTY reunion.

Beyond CTY

Beyond CTY included general gifted education information, college reviews by CTYers, and college scholarship info.

Site Info

Site Info includes information on the author, copyright information and disclaimers, site purpose, site news, and the guestbook.