CTY Friends

Passionfruit On-line

Passionfruit. A solemn ceremony that takes place at 7:00am on Sunday morning at Dickinson, F&M, and a couple other sites. Everyone sits in a circle, drinks juice, (preferably the juice of the passionfruit,) and toasts their friends. Well, it is kind of hard to sit in a circle on the net, but grab some juice and join the toasting fun.

CTY Mailing Lists

There are many many CTY discussion groups and mailing lists out there on the web. Here is some info about the main one. Keep CTY in your mailbox all year round.

CTY Address Database

At the moment, there is not an alumni database on the Real CTY. To access the offical JHU CTY Alumni Database, go to this page and log in.

Searching For....

Looking for someone in particular? Couldn't find them in the alumni database? Post a bit about your old friend Here with information on how they should contact you, and maybe they or someone who knows where they are will see your message and get in touch.


Want to organize your own CTY reunion? Intrested in what reunions are upcoming? This page lists some upcoming reunions, and gives the formula I used to organize six general CTY reunions in the DC area between 1998 and 2001.