CTY News and Info

Essays About CTY

There are a number of Essays about CTY, its purpose, meaning, and possible decline. This section of the page is commentary by CTY alumni and staff about the program. It includes Stairway to CTY by Robin Bose, On Leaving CTY by Matthew Belmonte, Musings by Andromeda Yelton, and The Pros and Cons of Gifted Summer Programs, The Decline of CTY, and My CTY by me, as well as a number of other essays and comments.

Alumni and uOCTYAA

CTY is an intense experience that often has a lasting impact on CTY alumni; however, the Alumni Association currently does very little to support this, though they are working to change this. Here is a bit about my attempt to help make a more effect Alumni Association, and to create the uOCTYAA, an unofficial group to do what the Alumni Association should be doing, if it can not be reformed.

History of CTY

CTY also has a rich history; however, the history is almost entirely oral, and often is lost. I'm doing my best to collect some bits of that history. Click here for both official and unofficial bits of CTY History.

CTY Contact Info

Sometimes it is hard to get in touch with the right people at CTY. Here is a list of the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of several people in Baltimore who I have found helpful and who you may wish to speak to.

CTY in the News

There are have been a lot of articles in the main stream press about CTY and CTYers. This page is devoted to collecting bits of CTY In The News (link to JHU page)


Perhaps even more important than the social life of CTY is the academics. The academics don't often make it onto web pages though, Until Now. Includes class reviews and course information.

The CTY Sites

Now, the CTY course book does a pretty good job describing the sites, but, having been to about half of them, I can tell you that there are some things that the book leaves out. Click here to find out What The Book Doesn't Tell You.

CTY Scholarships

If you want to attend CTY but don't have the funds, there are a number of resources out there. Click here for information on CTY scholarships and financial aid (link to JHU page)